Learn Yoga From Home

Learn yoga from home and you’ll feel an amazing transformation. Yoga can change your life and it will, slowly slowly, bit by bit, over the space of time. One day, after your practice, you’ll realise that you love doing yoga from home and wouldn’t want to be without it.

Woman in warrior 1 pose

It creeps up on you, surprises you with its powerful energy – something that you could never have imagined and can only feel when you actually get into it. Yoga makes your body and mind come alive.

Benefits of Yoga from Home

    • Awakening of your body and muscles
    • Progressive flexibility
    • Lightness (maybe not at first)
    • Peace of mind
    • Serenity
    • Completeness
    • Expansivity
    • Aliveness
  • Connectedness

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It can transform as your energy and inspiration change so that it’s always evolving into your perfect workout. Yoga is a chameleon.

Learn yoga from home

If you learn yoga from home, you can approach your yoga workout as a gentle awakening and stretching, or as a fast routine, and everything in between. The variations are endless.

Some mornings you may love to concentrate on more gentle stretching poses, other mornings you may want a fast workout to get your heartbeat up, and yet others you may want to work on strength. And that’s why I prefer to learn yoga from home than to go to class.

Start out with an open mind and allow time to let everything grow slowly. It may take weeks, months or years before you really own your yoga practice, but it will come for sure. Look forward to your sessions and let the rest take care of itself.

Why Learn Yoga From Home?

Traditionally, people think of yoga as something to do in a class but it’s a wonderful experience to learn yoga at home. Yoga’s the most adaptable and rewarding form of exercise you could find, and it can fit into any busy schedule effortlessly once you’ve changed the way you think, to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle.

Yoga from home

 When you learn yoga from home it becomes an organic part of your daily life. Not another task to be completed, or deadline to be met.

If You Learn Yoga from Home . . .

    • You can choose what time of day and how many times a day you want to practise.
    • You can do yoga as soon as you’re out of bed if you like. (That’s my favourite time.)
    • You don’t have to leave your house or drive the car.
    • You don’t have to obey yet another ‘time’ appointment in your agenda.
    • You can choose the pace, style and difficulty of the yoga you practise at any given moment.
    • You are completely private.
    • You can follow up with meditation or relaxation and take as long or as short as you like.
  • Yoga on your own gives you a special moment in the day – just for you.
Possible disadvantages: Yoga from home vs yoga in a class
    • You’ll need to motivate yourself more than if you go to a class, at least until you really get hooked, which will take a little while.
    • Initially you may not push yourself as much as you would in a lesson, but as long as you work to your edge you’ll be fine.
  • You may find it sociable to go out to a group and meet like-minded people, in which case incorporate a weekly yoga class session as well as your home routine.

How to Get Started: Learn Yoga from Home

When I first started to learn yoga from home I went through many videos and spent a lot of my time searching for teachers who I could resonate with before I discovered Tara Stiles. I love her style because she’s accessible for everyone, she’s positive, she’s realistic and her workouts are full of variation. Plus she offers short workouts that get to the point.

I recommend getting her book, Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga, and don’t be put off by the title, you don’t have to be slim when you start out! (But you will find yourself getting trimmer with time.)
Learn Yoga from Home with Tara Stiles
There are lots of different styles out there and some will suit you more than others. You can do yoga that focuses on separate poses, or on improving your skill each time, or on spirituality and meditation, on breathing or on more of a fast-type exercise flow Yoga.

I like to do yoga that strings the poses together and makes a kind of exercise flow of it. I also love doing stretching exercises at a slower pace. Tara stiles offers both these angles in her approach.

The great thing about yoga from home is that you can always practise just to the edge of your line. On some days your line will be further advanced than on other days, and at first your line will be much closer, quicker to reach. As you progress, you can push further and further to find your line.

Work on the edge, always. That way you’ll always be progressing and feel satisfied with your workout.

Your Yoga Workout

In order to learn yoga from home, set aside a time of day that best suits your routine. For many people first thing in the morning is the easiest, but it will depend on your lifestyle. Choose a time that you feel most likely to be able to keep to and one with least distractions.

Wear proper yoga clothes for better comfort. Take a look at these best yoga clothes for men. Place your yoga mat on the floor in a room where you have enough space to stretch out as well as enough privacy, preferably somewhere you won’t be interrupted.

I like to follow free Youtube videos. My favourites teacher is Tara Stiles but there are lots out there. Once you’ve done the beginner videos you can check out the Yoga Solution where she offers short workouts for specific goals. It’s a great way to learn different flows.

How long should I practise for? There’s no one correct answer to this question as everybody’s different. The most important thing is that it feels right to you. I love to do an hour or more but I don’t usually get that long and have about 30 or 40 minutes instead. Remember yoga isn’t about a destination so get involved and enjoy the journey and let the rest take care of itself.

Benefits of Yoga from Home

Among the many benefits of yoga is the suppling effect for those of us who have past our 40th birthday. As we get older we get stiffer, so unless you’re an active person you’ll find it harder to tie your shoelaces or do a handstand than it was when you were young.

Things we used to do as children just to play, for fun, are no longer in our repertoire but with yoga in your life you’ll notice:

Learn yoga from home

    • more suppleness and flexibility
    • physical & mental wellbeing
    • treatment, improvement or cure of specific ailments
    • mental awareness and clarity
    • stamina
    • balance
    • energy
    • peace
  • strength

As you bring yoga into your life, you’ll find you can re-connect to the freedom of childhood again, doing things just because you love to do them. 

What to Avoid When You Learn Yoga from Home

    • Don’t do yoga to get somewhere. Live in the moment of doing it, not in the future result.
    • Don’t think of yoga as a competition, not even against yourself, just enjoy the progress.
    • Don’t criticise your yoga level. Let it be what it is.
  • Don’t worry about what other people think of yoga or of you doing yoga. It’s yours alone to enjoy.

Conclusion: Learn Yoga from Home

Yoga is surprising and until you actually do it yourself you won’t know what I mean. Maybe you won’t feel it straight away either, perhaps you’ll have to go through a few styles before you find the one that suits you, but if you allow time for your yoga connection to grow, you’ll be amazed at how powerful yoga can be in your life.

Every single time you do yoga, you’ll have a unique moment. No exception.

So, why not start to learn yoga from home?


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