Yoga for Men Over 50

If you haven’t considered yoga for men over 50  as being an effective form of exercise (and yes, it is manly), think again! And if you’re a woman, maybe you’ll be interested to read this post about yoga for women over 50.

Yoga for men over 50 is a perfect way to recoup your youth and turn your middle-aged spread into a middle-aged fitness and vitality. Yoga for men over Upper body of fit man50 is a really brilliant form of exercise because it builds muscle power, strength, stability, control and stamina as well as toning up your whole body, improving your lung capacity and giving your heart a great workout.

Yes, yoga for men over 50 is sexy and it’s also well known to improve your libido and your sex life.  So forget all the old preconceived ideas about yoga being for women, and get started!

Yoga workouts for men over 50, like any yoga workouts, can be slow, fast, heavy going or gentle; whatever you prefer, it makes the perfect workout for everyone.

What’s the Difference Between Yoga for Men Over 50 and Yoga for Women Over 50?

Well you know, among other things men are quite simply stronger than women and tend to build more muscle mass than a woman does. And, well men are just wired differently to women. So while yoga for men over 50 is the same in essence as it is for women over 50, it’s also completely different because the beauty of yoga is that you can adjust it to suit YOU.

So you can personalise your own routine and your style to suit your preferences and abilities and if you’re a man, well you may just choose a heavier style to your girlfriend or partner.

Whatever the style, yoga for men over 50 rocks.

Incredible Results with Yoga for Men 

I’ve just had the most inspiring visit from my brother. I’d seen him in January,  just as he was planning to go on a yoga detox retreat in Koh Phangan, Island of Koh Phangan from a distancea beautiful island in southeast Thailand.

He chose to go on a 28 day detox yoga retreat in the Orion Retreat Centre and when we met up before he left, he’d already started upping his yoga sessions in preparation.

Nothing prepared me for the results I saw when he returned! He now looks like a younger, slimmer, fitter version of his younger self! Simply glowing with radiance and health.

The Details: Before

As a young man he was eternally slim but in his 30’s he developed type two diabetes and gradually put on weight and had to not only be careful with his diet but also take medicine daily.

As anyone who’s had experience of type two diabetes it’s quite a steep learning curve when you initially get diagnosed and have to change your lifestyle to stay healthy.

My brother had a healthy diet and already practised yoga but still had to deal with his blood sugar levels skyrocketing and nose diving. We all got used to him being diabetic and looking older than before, after all he was over 50 now!

Maybe we all thought of his weight gain as ‘normal ageing-type-of-weight-gain‘ (scrap that thought if you subscribe to it…) and certainly nobody would have thought he could ever turn the clock back to his youth.

But that’s exactly what he did.

The Yoga Retreat and Yoga for Men Over 50

My brother was already practising yoga so when he went to Thailand he opted for two or three yoga sessions per day rather than just one.

He was gradually able to cut down on his medicine as he found his blood sugars stabilising and the weight falling off. Since his return he has replaced the high meds for a very low medication while still keeping track of his blood sugar levels.

His whole physic has changed. His arms have muscles a weight lifter would be proud of, and his belly muscles could be described as a six pack. He’s trim and slim and fit and healthy.

How is all this possible?

Yoga for men over 50 is one part of the puzzle and the other part is the nutrition and detox.

So if you’re a guy, get over the image that yoga’s just for girls because it isn’t. The problem is that it’s become so stereotyped that you may be forgiven for thinking it isn’t macho. Not true!

Yoga builds strength and muscle and fitness as well as balance and suppleness. There are so many different types of yoga that you can absolutely find a style that will suit your own personality and ability.

Go for Vinyasa Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga if you want strenuous and exhilarating, Hot Yoga (or Bikram Yoga) if you love to sweat and Hatha Yoga or Iyengar Yoga if you want a calmer practice to focus more on the poses.

All the different types of yoga are a topic in themselves, beyond the scope of this post, but if you’re interested, just remember…don’t go thinking that you know what yoga is unless you’ve really given it a try. And if you don’t get on with one type, just mooch along and find another style.

If you’re new to yoga and going to join a class and you’re wondering what to wear, we recently tested out these yoga clothes for men and found them to be a dream for practising yoga in.

Of course you don’t have to buy expensive clothes as long as you wear something that’s comfortable and doesn’t ride up your legs or dig into your skin. But if you decide to make yoga a part of your daily life, then some quality yoga clothes will make your practice much more enjoyable.

What to Expect at a Yoga Retreat

There are loads of yoga retreats to choose from and they all vary so it’s a good plan to find a site where you can compare the different retreats. My brother chose the Orion Retreat Centre because he’d seen it on the TV, so he had a good idea of what to expect before he went.

The day starts early in the morning and for the first fifteen days he chose to 5 different flavoured smoothiesfast – meaning that he had nutritional smoothies and drinks but no actual solid food. He had planned to do just a few days of fasting but then he felt so good that he carried it on for longer.

He did 2-3 yoga sessions daily and as he did so the weight dropped away and he spent his days really listening to his own self. He says the atmosphere is completely chilled and you can absolutely do as much or as little as you want.

You can opt to eat or to fast, to lie on the beach or to do yoga or to visit the local town. You can do the twice daily colemas (colonic cleansing) or not. It’s all up to you.

Listen to your body

We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to actually listen to our bodies. It’s one of the basic instincts that we lose with modern life. So why not kick start your own healing powers by taking a yoga break and giving your body the chance to reset its clock?

I’ve decided that I’m going to do it. For me it’s clear; it isn’t normal that we get pop bellies, food intolerances, bloated gas and lack of energy just because we’ve been alive longer . . . more likely it’s because we’ve abused our bodies for longer.

The body has an inbuilt self-healing computer program if you allow it to do its thing!

If you’ve read any of my posts on gluten intolerance you’ll know that I’ve had a few gut issues myself, including leaky gut and gluten intolerance. Well, I take complete responsibility for this and accept that I’ve damaged my system (but not beyond repair) so I’m going to do a two week juice detox and daily yoga practise to reset my clock. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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6 Replies to “Yoga for Men Over 50”

  1. Hello there, I was going through your article on Yoga for Men and especially for Men over 50, and I find it quite a timely piece. I myself have often hesitated to sign up for Yoga Classes despite knowing that its probably good for my back; I have chronic back pain issues., simply because men attending yoga classes tend to get stigmatized as either sissies or skirt chasers. I have a genuine interest in yoga to improve my health and well being and believe it can help me to reduce stress and tension in my everday life. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hi Bala Ganesh, Yoga can definitely help with chronic back pain issues and the results can range from huge improvement to total cure, depending what the original issue was. What you say is true about the stigma but it’s such a shame (and I do believe it’s changing slowly) because it’s so untrue. If that stops you from joining a class, you can also learn yoga at home with You Tube. In fact that’s my chosen way to do yoga because I can fit it into my life whenever and however I like. You just have to find the right yoga teacher to fit your style and fulfil what you find inspiring.

      Good luck with it! ?

  2. When my husband and I did yoga in the 60s with B. K. S. Iyengar , there were lots of other men in the group, all of varying abilities.
    My husband himself felt invigorated after a session.
    I would strongly recommend yoga for men.

    1. Iyenger Yoga is a style that I didn’t mention. (Perhaps I’ll do a post on all the different types of yoga available!) Iyengar yoga tends to focus more on perfecting the pose rather than a flow between poses. Did you and your husband do the same workout together? How cool! Soraya

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