What Makes a Person Successful in Life?

If you wonder what makes a person successful in life, the answer gets clearer as you get older and learn from all the happy and successful people you meet along the way, as well as scrutinising your own life path and choices.

Fast approaching my 50th birthday, I now believe that I’ve identified many of  of the ingredients which define what makes a person successful in life.  If you apply these points, they’ll lead to greater progress and success in your life.

So . . . what if I had known what I know now, back then? Well, I’d have been on a fast track to success, it’s that clear.

This is the advice I would give to my younger self so that I could skip straight onto the path of success and happiness.

Advice for Success

# 1 – Reality Is An Illusion

Our reality is an illusion. Everybody lives a different reality according to their own mind map.

Palm of hand with sparkler held above itThis hugely powerful point will transform your life from one of restrictions to one of infinite possibilities. When you realise this, you’ll make the most of your life and you’ll take responsibility for your choices.

So, instead of thinking that our reality is a fixed thing, switch your mindset and play the game of life – strive to achieve the life of your dreams, and recognise the parallel similarity with a board game.

When you forget to play the game of life consciously, you become swallowed by the illusion of a reality that only exists in your own mind.

It’s of your making and yet if you forget to be mind-conscious, you’ll feel swept away as though you were nothing but a leaf in the wind. Remember to be mindful and make your choices for good reason, true to yourself and to your beliefs.

Never forget that you’re playing your very own game of life so it can’t be moulded upon someone else’s choices.

# 2 – The Answers Are All Around You

Every single little thing around us gives us a valuable example which we can apply to our own life and learn from, but generally we fail to observe these lessons. Look carefully and you’ll find much more information around you than what we tend to observe, and it’s just waiting for you to pay attention and to learn from it.

Take scale for example: from microbes to ants, to humans, to the size of the universe around us, we are neither big nor small.

Yet we are both tiny and huge depending on who we are comparing ourselves to. Human ants on the beach . . .

People in the distance on a beach

Another example is opposite opinions: people think that if there are two opposing opinions, one must be right and the other wrong. But we have examples everywhere showing that contradictions work in unison and harmony together – and therefore they aren’t contradictions in the traditional sense at all.

Look at the example in your own body – if the lungs and the heart had an argument about which was more important, pumping air or pumping blood, which would be right and which would be wrong? Neither, they would have to learn to co-exist with opposing beliefs in order for the whole body to continue being healthy.

It’s our perception which makes something right or wrong and nothing can be inherently right or wrong without perception.

# 3 – The World Is a System Within a System And We Are Part Of It

As we get older we come more and more face-to-face with our own mortality, yet at the same time our own immortality.

As loved ones die and move to another realm which we can’t yet see, so the world and the universe live on as one system. We are cells within that one greater being and our death is just the same as the cells within your body dying off so that your body can keep going as a healthy whole.

Our children continue to live on, just as the new cells in the body,  they are the healthy beings of the universe.

Evening sky

But sadly we believe in separation and self-importance.

We believe that we, as individual beings, are everything, as though we are somehow all-important and as if one individual person contained everything that matters.

And everything outside of us and surrounding us is of no importance and can be trashed without consequence. This fundamental misconception leads us to trample our exterior world and universe without realising that we’re damaging our very own existence.

So accept a greater existence than your own. Feel a part of the universe and everything within it. By opening up your conscience you will pave the way for greater experiences in life.

# 4 – Be Present And Be Ambitious

Live life fully present in every moment. Pay attention to your choices. Enjoy each minute and realise too that your present moment is what shapes your future. Your present moment is your choice of reality.

Hand-written note saying mindfulness

Be ambitious. Be as ambitious as you can be. Ambition here means to imagine yourself in your most exciting possible life situation, whether or not that be traditionally ambitious. Reach high. Whatever you love is your ambition.

Do what you love, be what you love, think what you love, Now.

In this way you create a NOW that’s in alignment with your soul’s desire and you create pathway especially for you, and you live a continuing amount of present moments which will lead you to the life of your dreams.

Don’t travel through life letting the current swipe you along wherever it goes; create your own life. Do things you believe in. Be who you believe in. Love yourself unconditionally.

# 5 – You Are Not Inadequate or Lesser Than People Around You

To the young (and very shy) Me I would say; people around you are not better at everything than you are. They are not better or worse. They are the same as you while being different. They are important and completely unimportant at the same time.

Don’t allow your fears to cut your wings. Nobody is living your life except You Girl walking a tightrope with mountains in the backgroundand nobody will be there when you are in the future consequences of your present choices. Only by trusting yourself completely can you break free and achieve what you want in life.

Trust yourself and give your soul-energy to really thinking about how you want to spend your time: what you want to achieve; where you want to go metaphorically speaking and how you want to feel when, in the future you look back over your life choices.

I don’t think I really ever realised the power of the present moment: that I was creating my own reality and forming my future path every day that I breathed. Or that I had the power of Choice. Sure, I made choices and recognised the most obvious consequences, but I believed they were swept to me on the tide of destiny.

The young me believed that my fate would come dancing towards me and bring with it its surprises, and that it would bring someone else to discover me in all my secret brilliance.

I came from a fundamentally flawed basis: that someone else would validate me.

You are responsible for everything and when you take care of your inner hopes and desires, the outside world will fall into line and bring your chosen reality to fruition.

 #6 – People Are Too Busy Worrying About Themselves To Be Concerned About You

I considered myself to be independent, strong and reserved, and I totally believed I wasn’t ‘worrying about what other people thought of me’. Yet in hindsight this wasn’t true. I was conditioned. I was weak even though I didn’t know it.

I used to feel as though everybody was judging me. I would blush terribly. Man pointing finger accusingly Why give away that power to someone else? I felt inferior and inadequate without even realising it. 

Don’t get me wrong, blushing isn’t wrong, but blushing should be reserved for certain moments. Not every moments in normal daily situations. It reflected a deep root within me that said Maybe I’m not good as good this other person.

I never thought that consciously but it’s clear that I held a deep belief of inadequacy within. I believed I was always being judged. What I didn’t realise was that other people are too busy worrying about themselves to be concerned about you. Everybody is preoccupied with their own stuff.

When you realise the truth in that you can be free from so many limiting beliefs. You can come from a place of strength instead of weakness.

You learn to realise that YOU are you. Not the other person’s wishes or expectations of you. You have all the power to be the person you choose to be. It doesn’t matter AT ALL if you are different to the people around you.

# 7 – You Have Your Own Box and That’s The Only One Which Will Ever Fit You

When you go rushing off looking for success, don’t. Instead, aim for what really fits you. Your pace, your skills, your passion. Throw yourself into your activities with full throttle but only at the pace that suits you, individually.

There will be examples all around you of faster, ‘better’ people but when you tryTortoise head to emulate them you will no longer be on the path to success and the reason is simple. There is only one box that fits you, and that’s your box. You, with all your insecurities, bad habits and personal traits along with all your greatness, that is the only way to succeed.

Your box can change and grow as you change and grow but it follows you, not the other way round. So don’t try and fit into the ‘famous’ box for example, unless that’s who you really are in your heart.

And when you find the right Box for you, you’ll suddenly realise the answer to what makes a person successful in life.

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