Random Unique Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with unique gift ideas so  thought I’d put together a few suggestions. I only recommend products that I think are interesting because they’re something unusual (and I’d like to have myself lol) or that I actually own or have had recommended to me personally. If you have any other ideas please feel free to add them in the comments section.

Braun Jug Blender for Cooks or Smoothie Addicts!

This Braun blender is a new addition to my kitchen and I love it. It’s powerful enough to crush ice with no problem and I use it for my daily smoothie. Lots of plans for chilled soups this coming summer! It’s really easy to clean but it does have one design fault and that’s the fact that it drips every time you pour it. Just keep a piece of kitchen paper handy to stop the drip and you’re fine.

A Perfect Gift for the Yoga Lover

For anyone who loves yoga OHMME is an inspirational brand for yoga clothes for men and this bag no exception to their rule of making great products. This makes a unique gift for any yoga lover so that they can take their yoga mat anywhere with them.    I love this bag!

UE ROLL Bluetooth Speaker

This UE ROLLspeaker  makes a brilliant present and is a modern version of the boom speaker featured lower down on this list. It’s waterproof, wireless, bluetooth, with a super cool design and two speakers can be combined together to create double power, stereo sound. I love this speaker and use it all the time. Also great for my work teaching English as it has quality sound, also for following YouTube videos or listening to music. I recommend this gift wholeheartedly!

Swimming Lap Counter

Unique gift ideas, swimming lap counterThis lap counter’s a great present for anyone who’s a keen swimmer. I’ve bought this one so that this summer I won’t have to count my lengths in my head, freeing up my mind to think about other things. It also records your fastest and slowest laps. Update: it takes some getting used to because the click isn’t very pronounced. In the beginning you have to keep looking at it to see whether your lap was actually recorded. But after a while you get the hang of it and can stop worrying, and get on with swimming.


Pandora Bracelet

Unique gift ideas, Pandora braceletI love the Pandora Bracelet. It makes such a unique present because each and every charm, and the bracelet itself, mean something special to the wearer. And people can always give a charm so it means many birthday-present solutions to come!

Pandora Safety Chain

Unique gift ideas, Pandora safety chainThe Pandora bracelet is such a special present that it does need a safety chain – I would be really upset to lose my Pandora. This safety chain comes with hearts so is perfect for including in the original gift.

Pandora Charms

I love this blue heart charm.
Unique gift ideas, Pandora plain heart charm


Stylish plain heart says it all.


Unique gift ideas, Pandora Mom heart
From daughter to mum or mum to daughter


Unique gift ideas, Pandora charm


Another one I love with hearts.


Unique gift ideas, Pandora charm From Me

From me

Unique gift ideas, blue Pandora charm


Sparkly charm to add some colour.


Amethyst Pendulum

Unique gift ideas, Amethyst pendulum


This Amethyst pendulum is for anyone who loves crystals or pendulums. I was given one, and for me it has a special sentimental meaning to receive something like this from a close friend. And it’s quite unusual! Available also in rose quartz and quartz.


Sennheiser Travel Headphones

Unique gift ideas, headphones

These Sennheiser travel headphones are really comfortable and top quality. If you travel a lot or use them a lot at home you’ll notice the difference between great headphones and cheaper ones. These ones are easy to fold in half and have a pause switch so you can listen to an announcement or speak to someone without having to remove the headphones. Also, the noise cancellation switch means you hear what you’re listening to much clearer.

UE Boom Wireless Speaker

Unique gift ideas, Boom wireless speaker

I love this speaker which works off bluetooth. It’s got powerful, quality sound that you can take anywhere with you and it’s also waterproof so you can take your music to the swimming pool or sing in the shower! Two of these can be used together and they’ll play in stereo, though I haven’t heard that yet.

A great present for anyone who likes quality sound, convenience, and portability.

Remote Control Sockets

Unique gift ideas, remote control socketsOk, so this looks like a really dull thing, but a friend gave me a set of  Remote Controls and once I had them installed I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner. So cool to be able to turn off all your lights and gadgets from your sofa. An original gift for someone who you can’t think what to give as a present!


De’Longhi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Unique gift ideas, DeLonghi coffee machine

Make a coffee-lover happy. In my opinion and comparing all the (many) machines that I’ve tried this is quite simply the best Coffee Machine I’ve ever had. We make better coffee at home than we get in a coffee bar now. Straight from the bean to cup: expresso, cappuccino or Americano. I bet you that all coffee lovers will fall in love with this machine. You can also use ground coffee (but only one cup at a time) which is a really cool feature: for example, in my house we drink caffein-free so if we have visitors who prefer full caffein version we can make a cup of fresh coffee for them without emptying out our beans. There are also smaller machines available from the same make, De’longhi, but this is the one I have and it’s just perfect.

Kindle E Reader

Unique gift ideas, kindle e-readerNobody who loves reading should be without a KindleI like real paper books, but for travelling, the Kindle is so great because you can read all the books you want, without the baggage. In these days of hand-luggage-only-travelling, every kilo counts. A great gift for all readers. There are various options when choosing your Kindle but one really important feature is the anti-glare so that you can read outside.

Amazon Gift Card

Unique gift ideas, Amazon gift card

Ok, so a gift card might not seem like a unique gift but it will give someone the opportunity to get exactly what they want – so that makes it unique. And you can buy almost anything on Amazon so it should suit every taste out there. It’s available in loads of different price ranges. I definitely wouldn’t mind being given one of these!

Morphy Richards Spiralizer

Unique gift ideas, Morphy Richards spiralizer

spiralizer is one of those things you have to get used to. When I first came across it I was dubious to say the least. Why would I use it? Well the surprising thing is that the vegetables actually do taste different when they’ve been spiralized. No-pasta spaghetti made of courgette can be delicious. It’s also great if, like me, you’re gluten free, because it’s another option on your cooking board. One tip – don’t throw away the central part of the vegetable that the spiralizer wastes; instead, include it in the dish – delicious.

Tip: When choosing a spiralizer, bear in mind how easy to use and how easy it is to clean.


Unique gift ideas, NutriBulletThe best way to get fresh fruit and vegetables in a tasty way is to have a NUTRiBULLET. A wonderful addition to anybody’s kitchen, it makes an ideal present. This is a much more powerful machine than others on the market, so if you know someone who’s into their smoothies, this could be a great gift.

The Mighty Mug That Doesn’t Spill

Unique gift ideas, mighty mugI haven’t tried this personally but this travel mug that won’t fall over was given to a friend and it seemed like a great idea for working by your computer. Even if knocked it will stay upright thanks to its suction-base design. It also fits into the cup-holder in your car.


The Mighty Mug Pint Glass

Unique gift ideas, Mighty Mug pint glassLike the Mighty Mug this pint glass won’t spill even if you knock it. Great idea for using using round the swimming pool, by the computer or while travelling. Or for a bit-of-fun present.


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