The Power of Forgiveness – Manifest Your Life #2

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The power of forgiveness is hugely important in liberating you from negative past events. It’s the single most powerful action you can take to free up your positive energy 100% for creating the life you want.

Forgiveness isn’t just a matter of saying I forgive you. Forgiveness is cutting the emotional tie which binds you to the hurt and negativity of past events. When you forgive others you free your soul. It doesn’t mean you condone, agree with or approve of the unwanted action. It just means that you claim back yourself without the additional hurt clinging onto you like a parasite.

When you want to manifest your life, you’ll need to listen to your own bio-feedback, learn to recognise when your heart, mind and solar plexus are in alignment with your energy, telling you that the desired result is on its way.

This is the third post in this series for manifesting so if you haven’t read the other two yet, and if you’re serious about manifesting change into your life, then you should head over to Introduction to Manifesting Your Dreams, followed by The Magical First Step in Manifesting Your Life before you read this post.

In this post we’ll look at:

Successful Manifesting Starts with Being Positive

Being positive is essential for successful manifesting. When you manifest things into your life you trust in the universe to deliver. You don’t stress about the when or the how, you just send your vibrations, receive the energetical answer and trust the result. The process is supremely positive.

But even the most positive people can be tied down to negative energy glitches which are holding them back. These energy blocks can be the result of past experiences which build a negative link to who you are today, without you even realising it.

To free yourself from the past and allow your energy to flow abundantly, you can learn to delve deep into your mind and forgive those people who have caused you harm. You’ll also need to forgive the universe, the world, your culture, humanity and everything that exists. We’ll show you how you can achieve this further down in this post.

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The Importance of Forgiveness

Since I was small I somehow realised the importance of forgiveness. After all, people who get bitter because of something that’s happened to them are only damaging themselves. So to a certain extent I practised this unconsciously.

But despite my appreciation for forgiveness and despite the fact that I thought I had forgiven people, I hadn’t actually focussed on it consciously enough. I hadn’t put in enough energy into my past hurts to recognise them and forgive them.

The other day I came across a great video by Vishen Lakhiani over at Mindvalley, which really inspired me to renew my forgiveness focus. I can’t tell you how liberating this is and how much energy you’ll gain if you go through this process of forgiving. This will free up your energy to focus on your positive manifestations.

I’ve always believed in forgiveness for people whose actions hurt me but I never sat down and consciously forgave people who were not in my life anymore. Or people who had hardly done anything of importance to me. In other words, I only forgave the people who had really hurt me and who were still in my mind!

Learn to forgive everybody who has caused you harm, no matter how big or small the hurt.

Remember, forgiving somebody is not the same as condoning the actions which caused you pain and it most definitely doesn’t mean that you should invite the person back into your life to repeat their behaviour with you.

If you’re forgiving someone who you’er still in a relationship with, forgive them and cut the negative energetic tie which joined you to the past event but be sure to also change relationship so that the unwanted behaviour doesn’t get repeated.

Remember the saying, If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Making a change in YOU can effect the whole relationship for the better.

When you’re being subjected to continual negative situations you can apply the forgiveness technique in the moment of the event happening. This gives you great power to walk away from the situation without the temptation to contribute and escalate it.

By practising forgiveness in the moment you can base your actions on desired chosen behaviour instead of knee jerk reactions based on emotion. Making this one change can have an amazing knock-on effect on people around you.

Powerful Forgiveness Exercise

Close your eyes and get into a relaxed state of meditation. If you don’t meditate you could choose to go into a state of self hypnosis. When you’re completely relaxed and in a meditative state, ask yourself the question, ‘Who has hurt me? Take me to a time when I felt hurt’.

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You will find that a moment in your life will spring into your mind’s eye and take you back to one of the times you felt hurt. It may be something small or huge. The first time you do this, allow the images to randomly flow to you of those people who have hurt you in the past.

Picture the person and the event which caused you pain and then practice sending that person pure white healing light of forgiveness. Recognise that the person may have any form of hardship and send them your blessing.

Tell them that you forgive them and imagine a large pair of scissors cutting through the energetic chord that attached you to them. Next, ask the universe to forgive you for your part in the past event (even if you didn’t appear to contribute to the event).

If you can’t forgive the person easily because you still feel angry towards them, practise by saying, ‘I forgive you for not being able to be different.’

Realise that the fundamental focus of forgiveness is to liberate yourself. You are releasing your attachment with that person. When you’ve forgiven them you will be freer to manifest your dreams far more quickly and powerfully.

You can also ask for people who hurt you when you were tiny, then move on to when you were a small child and upwards in age until you reach the present. But be prepared for random events to pop up, and allow them.

It isn’t important to do this in chronological order. The only reason for going up through the ages is to help trigger more memories.

You’ll be surprised how revealing this exercise can be, both about how many hidden hurts you’re carrying around with you and about which ones you find more difficult to forgive.

I was taken back to when I was about 6 years old and my teddy bear had been stolen from my nursery school. It’s something I had completely forgotten about until that meditation.

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I wasn’t supposed to take my teddy to school, so he was taken off me and placed in a locker. But at the end of the morning my teddy bear had gone.

The next day one of the children teased me for being so stupid (I was very upset about my teddy). She told me that she’d burned my teddy on the family bonfire in their garden and that I’d never get him back because she’s watched him burn.

I was really upset. My teddy was a soul in my mind, a dearly beloved friend. I felt completely to blame. I’d taken my teddy bear to school with me when I should have left him at home. I felt that I’d caused him to be burned alive. It was a bit of a horror story.

Now, as an adult I was able to send forgiveness to the school for this event which was obviously still alive in my subconscious. I also asked for forgiveness for myself and I came out of the meditation feeling interested and awakened to this past hurt. But totally free of it.

What if I Can’t Forgive The Person?

If someone has caused you deep pain, you may find it difficult to forgive the perpetrator. In that case remember this:

This person will have plenty of their own problems in life, just like everybody else or more. They also get sick, lose loved ones and suffer in life just like anyone else. Let their path bring them their own destiny – they don’t deserve to have  your emotions tied to them any more.

And then say to the person from within your meditation:

I forgive you. I forgive you for not being able to be different. I forgive you for not knowing how to do better and I take away the power you had over me. I forgive you because you could not give me what I needed. For all these reasons and more, I forgive you.

See the person receiving the white light which you’re projecting and notice the intense white energy chord running from you to them. Take out the huge scissors and cut through the chord.

If you still feel emotion in your gut about this person, repeat the forgiveness exercise for them daily, until you’re able to imagine them with zero emotion attached.

When you’ve finished your forgiveness meditation, move on to your normal routine and enjoy your day with more freeness.

Repeat the forgiveness exercise every day until you feel you’ve completed your history of hurts. Then, if you want, you can reduce the frequency with which you practise forgiveness to once or twice a week or you can find things on a daily basis to forgive.

Practising forgiveness also helps in the present. You’ll be able to quickly snap out of negative cycles by applying the forgiveness technique in the moment. This in turn leaves you free to focus on a solution to the situation and problem which is causing the pain.

Please watch & enjoy the video below – Vishen’s 40 years of Zen forgiveness exercise which is one of the things that inspired me to write this post. It’s brilliant.

Inspiring Video by Vishen Lakhiani – Must Watch

When you get into the practice of appreciating everything positive in your life and forgiving all the negatives, you’ll have more focus, more serenity, more inspiration and much more manifesting power.


So far, we’ve looked at the introduction to manifesting, we’ve looked at appreciating everything that comes into your life and at forgiving those who have wronged us. We are building up the picture for the foundations of successful manifesting. Hold on, you’re about to cross over into a new world! A world where you can actively pull the life you want into your reality.

Here we go . . . !

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If you have any thoughts or questions on the power of forgiveness and how to manifest your life please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! It’s always great to connect so please don’t be shy!

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