What is Positive Thinking About?

What is positive thinking about?

What is Positive Thinking About Really?

Positive thinking’s about being creative, proactive and positive; it isn’t about smiling when you’re sad, pretending everything’s fine when it isn’t, only having positive thoughts or pretending to like everybody when you don’t . . .

How Can Positive Thinking Change My Life? 

Positive Thinking means actively seeking solutions, creating progress and following new opportunities even (or especially) when you’re faced with negative situations. By focusing on the positive possibilities before you, you achieve the best possible result.

Positive Thinking is . . .

    • Being pro-creative and pro-active even when things around you get tough.
    • Recognising your own actions and their effects and taking responsibility for What is positive thikingthem.
    • Looking for the solution instead of dwelling on the problem.
    • Accepting responsibility for the events of your life even when they seem beyond your control and refusing to fall into the victim role.
    • Recognising that what may seem like negative experiences to you, are actually part of your evolution and entirely necessary.
    • Releasing the need to judge everything in terms of right or wrong.
    • Appreciating the miracles you see and experience every day in simple daily life.
    • Reacting in the most productive way to negative situations.
    • Recognising the silver lining in situations.
    • Achieving your highest potential.
  • Allowing yourself to be you and allowing others to be different.

Positive Thinking – A Tool for Success

All successful people use positive thinking even if they don’t label it or recognise it. Positive thinking is what moves you forward instead of stayingSkateboard rider jumping high in the air from a ramp on the beach front with the sea behind put. Life will always produce challenges; without challenges there would be no growth. It’s how you react to those challenges that makes the difference between success and failure.

Some people think if you believe in positive thinking and in attracting your own good fortune, the opposite must be true and you must therefore also believe that everybody is to blame for their own misfortune.

‘Positive thinking has absolutely nothing to do with judging other people, or yourself, for things that go wrong.’

There are millions of misconceptions about positive thinking, but for me the basic fundamentals are:

    • Learning to react in the least-damaging way for your own good, to outside negative influences when they occur.
    • Attracting the very things into your life that are right for your progress and Orange butterfly landing on a pink flowerwellbeing (by manifesting).
    • Accepting your situation while you’re seeking change.
    • Learning to respect that other people have their own path to follow. Let them be.
  • Being productive with your thoughts even when faced with difficult obstacles.

Put it to the test

Start to be aware of how you react to events that are beyond your control. Do you allow yourself to get depressed and fee like a victim or do you spend your time looking for a positive way forward from each situation?

Every single situation, event, moment in life will have what can be judged by some as ‘bad’ and by others as ‘good’. It’s inescapable for the balance of our world. We tend to judge something as bad if it makes us feel bad, but if we were to feel good in the same situation then the bad label would be removed.

Therefore, when you want something in your life, be prepared to change your feelings about it – in order to get it in your life. The power of this straightforward technique is infinite and can be harnessed to help you manifest your lifequit smoking and enjoy it, stop drinking alcohol and positively buzz from it, take up yoga or walking, lose weight, change your job or any other infinite possibilities.

Change your inner beliefs and look at what you’re gaining instead of what you’re losing.

Ask Yourself, What is Positive Thinking for You?

What happens if you have a bad day and everything goes wrong…? Will you sink down into the deep cycle of negativity, or are you going to get up and take positive action by using your mind?

Sometimes such action is not about doing something about the problem, sometimes it’s about going on as if the problem were not there: allowing time for the solution to appear.

There are always various paths you can take, always options. Never think or say that you didn’t have a choice because there are always choices on offer.

Give it a go and see how many new opportunities start flowing into your life. Apply yourself to this and find your life getting happier and happier.

Do you use positive thinking in your daily life?