How to Lose Weight With Ease

Plate of salad with boiled egg showing how to lose weight with ease

If you’re wondering how to lose weight with ease, the answer is that the power is within your mind. If you do the right groundwork, (more on that below) then losing weight will be easy, natural and effortless. Yes really, effortless.

The preparation period is key to everything. Why? Because you have to program your subconscious mind to be happy, to feel proud and excited by your new lifestyle choices.

How to lose weight with ease

The power of positive thinking rules again! Positive thinking creates results….from giving up drinking alcohol, to quitting smoking, taking up walking for health and weight loss, or having the relationship you want.

Hang on, I don’t mean just positive thinking, as in just say positive things to yourself and they’ll happen. No, that’s not what I mean at all.

What I’m talking about is quite a different type of positive thinking, a kind of Girl's small waist in too-large jeans, showing weight lossknowing. Knowing where you’re going, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. When you have this feeling of certainty and excitement in your gut it’s as though you’ve already lost the weight.

Time no longer matters. You just simply enjoy the moment and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve crossed a line. You’ve made the change for a slimmer, healthier, younger version of yourself. And that’s so exciting it reinforces the whole process.

How to Lose Weight With Ease – Why is it Usually So Difficult?

One reason why dieting is difficult for so many people is that they tend to think they’re giving up something in order to get a result instead of creating a present situation which is rewarding and satisfying. This goal-based strategy leads to disappointment, frustration and discontent, especially on those days when the scales don’t reflect weight loss.

We are also programmed wrong; we think we’re being normal when we over eat and that our diet is a period of being temporarily abnormal.

‘I’m on a diet.’

That programming needs changing around so that your normal life is the one that fits your bodily needs and your lifestyle.

Unlearn everything you think you know about going on a diet. Step outside Goldfish swimming in fish tankyour normal thinking zone and look back into the fish bowl at us human beings.

Imagine you’re looking down on a human, trapped in his own fish bowl (his house, office…) sitting down all day, eating, drinking, eating some more and…eating some more.

And then he gets up and gets a beer from the fridge…or eats some more.

Fact #1 About Us Humans Before You Start

We have a body that’s designed to MOVE and to burn fuel. At the very least, the human body is supposed to spend the day walking around gathering berries or hunting. Not sitting on a chair in an office.

Movement all day most days creates a need for fuel. Food provides fuel which gives the energy for movement. If you keep filling up with fuel and never burn any gas, what choice does your body have but to pile on the weight? (Not to mention all the health issues that may come tumbling in too.)

Imagine you had a pet hamster but instead of letting him burrow and run Fat hamster eating a biscuitaround in his wheel you keep him in a tiny space and feed him food all day long.

What would happen? He’d get fat.

Would that surprise you? No.

The amount of food your body needs is much less than you think, unless you’re doing strenuous exercise every day.

A Day in the Life of an Average Modern Person

Mr Modern gets dressed and walks downstairs; sits down to toast for breakfast. Drives to work and sits at a desk from 9:00-1:30. Sits in canteenFeet up in front of fire with a cup of coffee and has lunch. Back to office to sit down until 17:00. Walks to car and then from car to living room where he has a quick snack. Sits on sofa and watches TV. Eats dinner. Drinks a coffee/beer. Relaxes. Goes to bed. 

This person probably walks less than 1000 steps a day. Yet he/she still eats breakfast, lunch, a mid afternoon snack and dinner. Day in Day out.

Do You Know How Much Fuel You Need?

The fact that we put on weight or that people struggle to lose weight isn’t really surprising because they (we) are programmed to eat much, much, much more than we physically need. And of the wrong type of food.

What about middle aged spread? How often do you hear someone say, ‘Don’t worry about that, it’s just your age.’ Or, ‘At your age it’s normal to have a belly.’ Well it isn’t normal and it isn’t healthy.

And I for one, don’t want to be classified as being ‘Ok for my age’. I claim health and fitness and vitality!

There really isn’t any good reason why we should suddenly get huge bellies just because we’re getting older. The reason isn’t our age, it’s our misuse of our bodies over the years and our failure to recognise that as we age we need less food than when we were young.

Sugar is Bad for You (And I’m not talking about natural sugars…)

If you pour sugar into your body year in year out, at some point your body’s Sugar cubes with a tape measure wrapped round themgoing to react. Something has to give. So instead of being able to ‘get away with it’ like when you were younger, you notice your belly growing, your energy getting lower and your muscle tone dropping off. You may also start getting food intolerances or other unwanted symptoms like IBS.

If you don’t want to feel like that, if you don’t want to accept that change, if you want to grab your health back, then read on. You can lose weight with diet and exercise because all your body needs is to get back into balance.

”Your (healthy) fuel input should match your energy output. It’s that simple!”

So the good news! Prepare your subconscious mind to lose weight with ease by using positive thinking and balancing your diet to your exercise, and you’ll never look back.

This is Not A Normal Diet

I’m not recommending a diet. I’m recommending a change in attitude, a programming of your subconscious mind. A shift in your way of thinking.

When you’ve made that shift, you won’t struggle, you won’t doubt, you won’t feel disheartened…you’ll just DO IT, with ease.

You’ll feel excited to be dropping off the pounds and feeling your vitality come back. Your taste buds will change as you start appreciating foods that you didn’t notice before.

You won’t feel despondent when, one day you step on the scales and see no change in weight – because you know where you’re heading. You know you’re eating for your body. Whether the scales show the change today or tomorrow doesn’t actually matter any more.

You are eating for your present life, not for a future result and that’s the key to success and happiness with dieting.

When you normally start a diet do you think you’re giving up things? Or do you love the way you’re living while you’re on the diet? Are you suffering in order to get a result or are you positively thriving?

Over this and the next few posts you will learn how to love your food and lose weight with ease.

So How to Lose Weight With Ease?

Don’t call it a diet, call it a lifestyle change. Choose your food to suit your taste, your lifestyle and your energy demands and make sure it’s sustainable. When you start out, set yourself aBowl of couscous with vegetables primary zone – a period of time to be a bit stricter on yourself, stronger and with a more temporary type of attitude. For example take 1 month as a training period for your ongoing future diet/lifestyle.

During that first month you can be more radical. If you’re tempted to eat or drink something that you’ve chosen as being in the negative zone as far as your healthy diet goes, remind yourself that it’s your choice to feel healthy and fit first.

It can also help to tell yourself that you’ll eat some of that stuff again after the first month, because then you won’t feel like you’re giving anything up – but in reality after the first month you won’t want to eat those things because you’ll feel so much better!

Never think of it as a diet. Always think of it as a change in lifestyle. You’re going to give your body the fuel it needs. And you’re going to feel so good you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change earlier.

In the next post I’ll go into which Foods to Eat and Lose Weight with ease and tips to help you succeed. And the other important part of it is covered in the third post of the series How to Exercise and Lose Weight. The final post in this series is Success with my Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month where I detail my exact steps and results.

Do you go on diets? Do diets work for you?