Magic Drawings for Manifesting

Coloured pencils for drawing a magic drawing for manifesting

Using magic drawing for manifesting is a way of attracting what you want into your life. Positive thinking and manifesting are closely linked: both are about getting the most out of your life and living the life you want.

Manifesting material change in your life comes from a multi-faceted change; transform your deep beliefs, and in turn you will change your actions and your results.

We behave a certain way because we believe certain things, so it stands to reason that when you change your beliefs you’ll also be changing your behaviour – which leads to changed results. Continue reading “Magic Drawings for Manifesting”

How to Manifest Miracles into Your Life

Very tall trees in a forest with the sunshine shining through the foliage.

Once you learn how to manifest miracles into your life, your whole perspective will change. You don’t have to wait for random events to land on your doorstep, instead you actively set about creating those events.

For more detailed information on how to manifest your dream life, read the series: Introduction to manifesting your dreams followed by the magical first step in manifesting your life, the power of forgiveness and manifest your life dream.

How to Start to Manifest Miracles into Your Life 

Step One:

First of all, identify what it is you want. Be specific and imagine its existence in your life. Imagine how it feels.

Learn to feel the difference between wanting something and knowing it’s on its way to you. There’s a huge difference between ‘wanting’ something with that I wish, needy-kind-of-wanting or the productive-kind-of-wanting which feels more like knowing. Continue reading “How to Manifest Miracles into Your Life”