Top 10 Inspirational Books

These top 10 inspirational books are some of the ones that I’ve found over the years. Please add your favourite books to the comments section below!

It’s a magical feeling when a book inspires you. Words can sit on the page as Three books on a garden table next to an apple and yellow flowersbog-standard-words-on-a-page, or they can jump out at you and dance before your eyes, transmitting your very own personal message that seems like it was written just for you!

Have you ever raved about a book, only to find that when you cast your eye over it again you can’t quite find the bit that made you rave about it?

It is as though some kind of osmosis takes place when we’re reading and it’s precisely that osmosis that makes it so exciting. The words become alive within us, sparking off our own personal experience and resonating within the subconscious mind.

open book with blank pages and a pressed maple leaf inside

Sometimes it’s difficult to recommend a book because you know there’s lots in it that you didn’t really agree with or resonate with, but then again, there’s those golden bits that dazzled you and changed you in some way.

If you read inspirational books, it’s normal to have some parts which don’t resonate with you. Try not to judge the bits you don’t like – just keep going on your treasure hunt for those gems among the pages.

The other thing which can happen is that you don’t actually enjoy the narrative voice of the book – but the message can still get to inspire you…so persevere!

Top 10 Inspirational Books (in no particular order)

One of the most important books of our time, if you haven’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad you absolutely have to.

top 10 inspirational books - rich dad poor dad

This book will change the way you look at traditional ideas revolving around finance and will make you aware of just how many choices we have before us if only we could see them.

The underlying point of this book is an education about handling money and changing your attitude to money. It is a very inspiring and liberating book. This is a must-have.

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An absolute classic for opening your eyes about how men and women think differently; this book has to be in the top-ten list!

top 10 inspirational books - Rich dad poor dad

Even if you don’t believe that we’re different, men and woman behave differently and there are things that will resonate with you in the chapters of this book.

By understanding some of those things you can build a far more rewarding relationship with your partner, colleagues and friends.

Or just read it for the fun of it, as it’s also an easy-to-read book.

I love some of the points made in this book.

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top 10 inspirational books - Embracing our selvesI bought this book after I heard an inspiring account from a great friend of mine who told me about how successful her voice dialogue therapy had been in helping her to heal severe trauma from her childhood. I was so intrigued by such a wonderful story of success that I bought the whole series and read them all.

If you haven’t heard of the voice dialogue series it’s a concept of how to understand and recognise our different characters or voices within and thereby be able to get them back into balance again.

Definitely a concept that I want to know about.

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The secret is a beautifully presented book that is perfect for on top of your coffee table.

top 10 inspirational books - the secret

The writing is easy and simple to read and is a great introduction for anybody who is new to the concept that we can create out own reality.

If you’ve already read about the topic, the Secret will be very basic for you, but it’s still a lovely book to have.

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Conversations with God is an all time classic.

top 10 inspirational books - conversations with GodThe book follows the journey of the author Neale Donald Walsch through vital changes that he goes through in his life, all the while having enlightening internal dialogue with the Universe (or with God…). It makes some really great points and is interesting though I wouldn’t recommend the sequel books as much as the first.

I did find the narration slightly grinding but I nonetheless this book is a must-read not to be missed.

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Another classic, the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is an inspiring book which offers some tools to improve your life.

top 10 inspirational books - Way of the peaceful warrior

The author is a former world champion gymnast and in this book he brings together the physical body with the mind & soul, to approach the Whole.

An interesting and inspiring book to have and to read.

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Ask and it is Given is a must-read for anyone interested in manifesting their own life. top 10 inspirational books - ask and it is given This classic book about manifesting the life you want gives tips throughout the book on how to focus on the things you want rather than what you don’t want.

The book is based on the teachings of Abraham, a spiritual entity who communicates with Esther Hicks.

An easy to read book with inspiring insights into creating your own life.

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Bruce Lipton is a minefield of information about quantum physics and the science behind manifesting your reality and how we are all made up from particles of energy.

The Biology of Belief is a must-read that has to be on the top ten list and if you haven’t come across Bruce Lipton already, check him out for loads of interesting material.

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Think and Grow Rich will change how you see the world and inspire you to great things! I’m reading it again at the moment so I’ll update my opinion here when I finish the  book. It’s an all time classic that changes people’s lives – don’t miss it!

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