How to Quit Smoking Now

How to quit smoking now

Learn how to quit smoking now by using positive thinking to make giving up easy and stress-free. You can start straight away by using this positive thinking strategy to change your attitude towards smoking and make quitting smoking an easier process.

How to Quit Smoking: Groundwork & Preparation

Before talking about how to quit smoking or saying to everyone that you’re giving up, get to understand your situation. In fact you should never say to anyone that you are giving up smoking.

If my subconscious believes that smoking isn’t desirable, quitting smoking will be easy, fun and rewarding, because each time I go without a cigarette I’ll feel excited about what I’m achieving.

Do you agree?

Think about it . . . If you accept this as being true, then in order to quit smoking and make it feel easy, you’ll first have to re-program your hard drive: your subconscious mind. And you can start to do that right now.

How to quit smoking now.

Do you really want to learn how to quit smoking now, or do you just know that you should because it’s unhealthy and expensive? Most probably it is the second option, and most probably deep down you believe that you enjoy a cigarette.

That’s what you have to change before you start stopping.

  • Do you think the coolest people in the world are the non-smokers?
  • Is the clean image of a non-smoker enviable to you?
  • Is it exciting to be smoke free?

The answer is No. Your subconscious actually believes smoking is cool. Smoking is fun. Smoking is something you enjoy doing . . .


All these beliefs mean that when you try to quit smoking you’re working against your inner belief and you feel that you’re missing out.

how to quit smoking now

How to Quit Smoking: Change Your Core Beliefs

It’s easy to change your core beliefs and it’s well worth it if you want to learn how to quit smoking now, and without struggle.

The facts:

Smoking gives you nothing more than an illusion. Smoking causes you to feel a high only when you first start as a beginner. Once you’re accustomed to smoking, it only brings you back to feeling ‘normal’ by stilling the craving.

It’s a very clever circle: you first smoke to feel a high, and then later you smoke to feel normal again – but you think you’re getting a high, when actually everybody around you is getting that same ‘high’ by being normal without cigarettes! (Which means for you more cost, more lung damage, more smoky clothes, more poison . . . all to feel normal).

If smoking doesn’t kill you, it will still fill your lungs with black tar and it will still damage your tissue and it will still reduce your breathing ability.

It will always cost you heaps of money and trick you into thinking you’re getting something from it, when in reality you’re just getting back to normal.

If you were to really take away the blindfold and recognise the damage you’re doing to your body, you’d probably find it much easier to stop. Unfortunately, you can’t take away the blindfold just like that.

Learning to love your body is an important step that will help change your inner view of smoking. Take a moment to see this life with the idea that your body is your vehicle. Would you want to damage it so that it stopped running?

love yourself and quit smoking now.

How Else Can I Change My Inner View?

Choose the negatives around smoking that resonate most with you and work on getting your subconscious to truly believe them.

Sometimes a catalyst of some sort will help to spark the change and re-program your subconscious mind.

For me it was the day I translated in the hospital for someone I knew. We went to the hospital with 4 of us. The patient, his wife, his 12 year old daughter and me.

The doctor looked me in the eyes and said, ‘It’s is a very large tumour . . . there’s nothing we can do.’

I translated everything from that meeting to the patient and his wife, and in that moment of shock I felt all the emotions of that diagnosis. From then on, I didn’t smoke. Apart from my own shift of perception, it felt disrespectful to me, even though many of his friends continued to smoke in front of him.

My body is not mine. It’s a vehicle for me to experience this life through while I’m alive and if I trash it, I’ll  lose it. Gone. Finished. So I’m going to look after this body as best I can.

For my husband the catalyst was smoking far too much at a social evening. The next day he felt so disgusted at himself for getting through so many packets of cigarettes that he changed his core belief and he never smoked again.

The catalyst shows us that giving up becomes easy.


When the alternative is unacceptable, you quit smoking with no struggle.

When you really, really, really don’t want to smoke and when smoking is disgusting to your inner self, then giving up becomes easy.

If you don’t have a natural catalyst that’s made you want to learn how to quit smoking now, you can create one. There are so many reasons to stop, you just need to pick one and work on making your subconscious ‘get it’.

How many lies do we tell our subconscious about smoking? 

At the moment your subconscious has accepted the information you have programmed it with. Namely that…:

    • Smoking is fun.
    • It’s your choice to smoke.
    • You won’t get sick from it.
    • It doesn’t matter if it costs a lot of money.
    • bit of fun in life never harmed anyone.
  • Everything is risky – you can’t live in fear of risk.

Remove the veil from your mind and recognise these statements for what they are: far fetched, defensive untruths.

Think about the following situation . . . 

Imagine that every morning for breakfast you have a delicious cup of fresh juice, so exceptionally tasty that you feel attached to your morning glass and make a habit of it. You drink the delicious concoction every morning for 5 days and you tell your friends that you will never go back to not drinking juice in the morning.


How to quit smoking now; stop deceiving yourself.

On the 6th morning you discover that there’s some poison in your juice and you’ve been drinking it unwittingly every morning.

It’s clear that anyone in this situation would stop drinking the juice…isn’t it? Not because the juice has damaged them but because they would recognise the potential for self-damage.

Do you think it’s possible that you would keep drinking that juice, saying that the poison won’t hurt you because you’ve drunk it for five days and you’re still fine?

The point of the above story is to illustrate perception, and how it can change our reaction to a situation. When you really perceive the truth about smoking you will have no regrets, no hesitation and no trouble not smoking.

How to Quit Smoking, Stage One

    • Forget about NOT smoking and focus only on changing your core belief.
    • For once, use negatives in order to be positive. We are going to encourage negative thinking! :O
  • Notice every negative detail around smoking: smell your ashtray and say to yourself, yuk, that stinks.

How to quit smoking, stage one.

    • Take a big smell of your smoky clothes.
    • Keep a book and write down how much you spend every time you buy a packet of cigarettes and keep totalling it up so you can see how much it’s costing you.
    • Look at your total cost and imagine what you could buy for that money.
    • For now don’t worry that you don’t actually believe it yet. Just tell yourself the negatives and keep smoking. And keep saying the negatives. And keep thinking about what you can do and what you can gain and what you can have when you don’t smoke.
    • Don’t share your plan with other people or you’ll weaken your resolve
    • You mustn’t go round saying, I’m going to give up. That’s a future action, an empty promise that doesn’t help you.
  • Don’t let other people dictate to you about your smoking. It is yours and yours alone to continue or to change. It is your decision.

How to Quit Smoking, Stage Two

Use the word disgusting and make a campaign to convince yourself that everything smoking-related is actually disgusting. Learn to love that word.

Don’t go telling your friends they’re disgusting. If you really believe in giving up, it has nothing to do with criticising others for smoking.

For some people it helps to write little notes and leave them in places where you will see them: little messages to your inner self about the negatives of smoking. Written by you, to you.

How to quit smoking, stage two.

Your negative notes may look something like this: smoking . . . 

    • . . . poisons me
    • . . . damages my health
    • . . . costs me money
    • . . . makes my clothes stink
    • . . . sends me out into the cold to smoke
    • . . . controls me
  • . . . is one big scam

When you’ve written your negative notes, start adding positive ones:

    • I feel so much healthier not smoking
    • I have saved up my un-spent cigarette money to do what I want with
    • My clothes don’t smell
    • I don’t have to feel controlled by my smoking routine anymore
  • I am FREE!

The fact of seeing these notes all over the place builds up over time and you will be surprised how much effect they can have on your subconscious. Make sure to write them in the present tense, not in the future.

Don’t try to put a time connection with this. Keep smoking. Just continually work on learning how to quit smoking with ease – namely by changing your core beliefs. So keep on and on, imagining yourself as a non smoker, picturing all the rewards, building up a new mental image and identity.

Read Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking and think about the points he makes. Know where you are headed (towards quitting) and just steadily keep going in that direction with your thoughts.

Self Hypnosis:

Practice self hypnosis before you go to sleep at night. Don’t try to convince yourself to quit smoking, not at all. Instead build the belief that you actually don’t want to smoke. In your self hypnosis feel the excitement of being a non-smoker. Tell yourself that you’re excited to be a healthy, fit person who can spend their cigarette money on an extra holiday/clothes/whatever this year.

Remember that non-smokers don’t feel jealous of a smoker. Why is that? Because smoking doesn’t GIVE US anything. The only time we feel possessive of smoking is when we are addicted to it, mentally or physically or both.

Incorporating self hypnosis into your day will help show you how to quit smoking by first teaching your subconscious to believe that smoking is yuk. It’s back-to-front to try and quit smoking while you still believe it’s cool. Just completely counter-productive. And will lead to stress, anxiety, bad moods, cravings and all the other things associated with quitting smoking the normal way.

When you see someone walking down the street who isn’t smoking, say to yourself:

Look! That’s a cool person, he isn’t smoking!

Teach yourself to feel admiration of that person. Throughout stage one keep smoking just the same as normal. Just be aware of your smoking. Don’t beat yourself up if you smoke too much. But notice it.

This may all sound simplistic and yes, it is. But it’s also everything. Nothing and everything, all at the same time. 

How to Quit Smoking Now, Stage Three

When you’ve practised changing your inner belief so that non-smoking resonates with you, it may happen that you light a cigarette but decide that you want to put it out before you’ve finished it.

Good! Do that. Encourage yourself to have longer and longer butts in your ashtray, the longer the better. Waste of poison is not a waste. Don’t see it as a waste, see it as a gain.

When you see the long butts say to yourself:


Look at all the tar and nicotine that I didn’t smoke today! How exciting! I’m making progress!

Build up on the not-smoking achievement. Never focus on what you smoke, focus on what you don’t smoke. 


When someone offers you a cigarette don’t say‘No thanks, I’m trying to cut down.’

Those words are laced with failure! You aren’t trying to do anything. You are doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it! So answer instead:


No thanks, not just now.

Always reject a cigarette with the positive answer – that you don’t feel like smoking right now. That it is your choice. Never say you are giving up. If you do, and then you smoke, you are failing.

If you say you don’t feel like smoking right now and later you have a cigarette, you haven’t failed, you’ve succeeded in skipping a cigarette. Well Done! Congratulations! You should feel proud of that cigarette that you chose not to smoke.

While in stage three you’re preparing to say goodbye to your friendship with cigarettes so at every opportunity do just that, say goodbye. Smoke less often and always congratulate yourself on any ‘absent’ smokes that you didn’t smoke.

Forget focussing on your smokes as being failures and instead start focussing on your absentees!

Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you smoke. If you go to a party and forget all about your desire to give up, don’t fret, it doesn’t matter. Every single time you smoke less is what matters, every single unsmoked cigarette.

How to Quit Smoking Now, Stage Four

The secret to success is to know, to really know, that you know where you are heading for, know what you are aiming for. Just know it and keep on. If you ‘fail’ you haven’t failed! It can only be failure if it is the end, so what about if you drop back onto smoking a few times and then suddenly cross an inner line and no longer crave it? Would you then call your ‘failure’ a failure?

Stage four is to put into action all your changes so far – consolidate your image as someone who doesn’t like to smoke. In stage four you want to start stopping smoking. Make sure you congratulated yourself every step of the way.

If you’ve managed to change your core belief about wanting to smoke, the actual step of stopping will not be difficult because you will be achieving a positive freedom that you desire.

I am a smoker who doesn’t smoke. I very much doubt I will ever smoke again. There’s nothing about smoking that attracts me. Nothing at all. But I still have the brain-hand-mouth connection; I can still feel the link between seeing a cigarette and wanting it, even though I no longer want it at all, if that makes sense.

So did I fail for the times I went back onto smoking or did I succeed for all this time I’ve spent now not smoking? I succeeded and during the process of succeeding I ‘failed’. You see? Failure is NOT FAILURE but the path to success.

So you know how to quit smoking now, the question is, are you going to try it? Please share your experience below.