How to Exercise and Lose Weight

How to exercise and lose weight

How to Exercise and Lose Weight follows on from How to Lose Weight With Easewhich explains the mental preparation necessary before you can lose weight with ease, and Foods to Eat and Lose Weight.

When you’ve challenged your thinking and your programming around food and dieting, and when you’ve thrown away the concept of going on a diet and instead chosen a sustainable way of eating and living that will complement your health, then you can move on to the next step on incorporating movement into your life.

How Badly do You Want to Lose Weight and Feel Fit and Healthy?

How badly do you want this? Let’s hope that the answer is a 10/10 because actually, for this to be EASY and EFFORTLESS, wanting it badly isn’t enough. Actually knowing that you’re going to reverse time and go back to your slim energetic figure, that you’re going to get rid of your health problems and feel good; that’s what you need to feel here – it’s more than just wanting.

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