Don’t Give Up Your Dreams

Boy touching dragon - don't give up your dreams

Do you know that you’re a wonderful person and your dreams can come true? The most frequent reason that dreams don’t come true is that the person gives up. So, don’t give up on your dreams – instead, make sure you’re on the right road to making them manifest in your reality.

First define what you want and make sure it’s really your dream that you’re requesting from the universe. Check that you’re answering the right questions to create your dreams and not dreaming about fluff that has nothing to do with you.

Now imagine your future reality in detail and Dream spelt out by scrabble lettersfeel it like it’s real, in your gut. Know that it’s right for you! If you do this, you’re pulling your future reality into your present.

One reason people give up on their dreams is that they don’t see the results flowing in so they get scared and feel that they’re failing…and then they give up. But you have to have faith, trust and belief that your dream is a reality.

If You Don’t Give up on Your Dreams, Your Dreams Won’t Give Up on You.

These words may seem easy or shallow when you’re feeling down or low or indecisive or lost in procrastination. Easy words that usually come from a successful person after they’ve reached success, in retrospect.

Girl sitting on bench looking at the floor‘Look at me,’ the successful person says. ‘I kept going and now I’m a success. Sure I lived through difficult times along the way too, but I didn’t give up. So don’t give up on your dreams either and then you’ll get the same success as I did.’

Except that you might not. And you think, hmmm, maybe I’m NOT on the path to success. Maybe I’m going nowhere and I’m going to keep going round and round and keep going and keep going… only to find that I’m on the wrong path and no success is coming… It’s easy to say keep going once you know you’ve reached success…but what about now…what should I do….?

The bottom line is, even if you aren’t on the right path to success, don’t give up on your dreams. Because you’ll have to have some failures to build your success on. And no matter what you do, if you don’t give up on your dreams, your dreams can change your reality, but it may not be the first dream you ever had that comes to fruition.

If you give up on your dreams you’ll never get the chance to find out whether they were possible or not.

Right now, should you give up or should you carry on with what you’re doing…?

How to Decide Not to Give Up on Your Dreams When You Can’t See them Coming True…

Well, the answer is easier than you think…

Always Keep Going! Sometimes you’ll need to fine-tune your dream, maybe Woman sitting on rock staring out over Grand Canyoneven re-focus or change direction… and that’s fine. You can change track but always keep going. If you keep going, you won’t lose anything; you only lose something when you give up.

Because giving up means the end; you’re not successful. It means you never will be the author/singer/actor you thought you could be.

Keep going and that dream is still a possibility, and maybe, just maybe, after a long time without success you’ll find yourself veering towards a new dream that suddenly becomes reality.

You didn’t fail on your first path, you just built the foundations for the second. So never think that stopping one project to take up another is failure. Follow your heart and keep doing what you love to do.

Don’t Give Up Your Dreams: 3 Reasons

#1 You’re dreams are the deepest reflection of who you are. Check that you’re not dreaming about rubbish and that your dreams really are a part of YOU and your soul, and not distant fabricated dreams that you actually wouldn’t want if they materialised. Once you know that your dream is in alignment with who you are, don’t give up on your dreams because they’ll give your life meaning and purpose and direction. They’ll motivate you to get up in the morning and to keep going when things get tough.

#2 Don’t give up on your dreams because when you give up you give away your power. You say that your opinion doesn’t count, that you’re just a leaf in the wind. Instead just keep chipping away in every way you can, even if that just means preparing yourself mentally for your dreams to materialise…

#3 You’re incredible; don’t forget it. Stop thinking that you’re less than other Live your dream, spelt out by scrabble letterspeople. You have your great points, your lovely characteristics, your own personal view of the world, and your uniqueness means that your dreams are there for you to take. Just keep believing and following the steps to make your dreams reality, and they will be. Guaranteed.

5 Tools to Make Your Dreams Reality


Visualise your dreams with all their connection to your emotions. Use the visualisation techniques each morning and night, or all throughout the day too if you prefer. By using visualisation you teach your subconscious mind to believe in your dreams as being based in reality, because the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between imagined situations and real situations. And when your subconscious believes it to be real, your behaviour will be effected in every way, to create more procreative behaviour to lead to your success.

Goal setting

Setting goals can be helpful to define where you’re heading, but goals can also be damaging by creating false pressure and leading to disappointment when you don’t reach them – so be careful how you use goal setting. Personally I prefer to use goals as general aims rather than specific time-related goals which are laced with possibility for failure (because we, as humans, generally want too much too fast and so we create unobtainable goals).

Magic drawings

Magic drawings are drawings of your aims which you put away in a private place and leave well alone. They send the message to your subconscious mind of what you want  and they record your intentions, so you can refer back to them as you create your dreams in your reality.

Vision Board

A vision board is a positive reinforcement tactic where you collect images of your dreams and pin them to the board and keep the board somewhere so that you see it regularly throughout the day every day. This reinforces your subconscious determination to get where you’re going and motivates you to keep going.


Affirmations are positive sentences repeated over and over in your mind so that your Affirmationssubconscious begins to believe them and act on them. Examples are, ‘I’m happy and I live a rewarding life…’ Affirmations can be about any topic at all and are always based on the positive.

So…don’t give up on your dreams, ever. Just keep going towards them and knowing in your heart that they are there for you.

What tools do you use to create your dreams in your reality?