Secret #1 – How to Get What You Want in Life

Secret #1 of how to get what you want in life is to define what you want. This really simple act will change your life.

People think that they want certain things in life but what they’re How to get what you want in lifeactually doing is, either defining what they don’t want, or wishing for the result of some undefined change in their life.

First, take a moment to think about this question and give an honest answer to it:

If you could have ONE thing given to you, or one change made in your life, what would it be?

In other words:

What ONE thing do you want above all else?

Can you answer the question and if so, is it easy for you to answer? If you can answer it, well done, you’ve made a start on the road to understanding the #1 secret of how to get what you want in life, but before you start jumping up and down with joy, first check that your answer really does answer the question and doesn’t fall into any of these categories:

Be careful … if your answer is anything like these, it won’t help you to get what you want in life:

  1. I don’t want to work in the office anymore.
  2. I want to be rich.
  3. I want to be thin.
  4. I want a good job with a huge salary.

Hmmmmm none of these answers actually answer the question. And none of these will help you get any closer to understanding how to get what you want in life.

Let’s take a look…

I don’t want to work in the office anymore

This is a negative answer about the absence of something.

Desiring I don't want to work in the office anymorethe absence of your work doesn’t actually answer the question of what it is you DO want, so it has no power in propelling you forward or attracting your desires or even creating procreative behaviour.

i want to be rich

Being rich is the result of something so this doesn’t say anything tangible about what you want.

For example, I want to be a successful I want to be richauthor and sell my books for lots of money, is a desire that can result in having lots of money and making you rich.

But the dream would be to write and sell your books. So define your desire not the result.

i want to be thin

This one has the same problem as the one above; being thin is a result I want to be slimof a change. Do you wish that you had an active lifestyle going running every day?

Or do you wish that you could kick the sugar cravings? That you had a swimming pool and could go swimming every morning?

Be specific about your dream. How can you live in a way that will make you feel fulfilled and create your desired result?

I want a good job with a huge salary

What actually is a good job? A ‘good job’ for one person is a nightmare I want a good job with a huge salaryjob for another, so this description is vague. For you to get what you want in life you have to be specific, so, ask yourself what sort of job do you want?

It’s not good enough to say I want a good job. Define what you want!

So now answer the question again and go right into detail about what you want in life. If you like, answer the same question on our facebook page so you can really send out the message to the universe (and your subconscious) about what you’re going to get. Take the first step towards decisive manifesting and watch your life-path begin to change as you learn how to get what you want in life.

When you’re clear about what you want, you’ll start behaving in ways that support getting the exact result that you want. We all live following this vague I wish I were happier/richer/slimmer/ etc model – but we don’t really stop and challenge our desires and say…

Hey! I can have whatever I want and I can BE whoever I want. And I can make this REAL. So . . . what do I choose?

Changes take time. Be prepared to be persistent and put in the effort necessary to create your reality. And remember that the #1 secret to getting what you want in life is defining what you want.

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Right now, what is the ONE thing you want to change in your life?



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  1. Great post and lovely graphic too Soraya! Leads on to visualisation and making a vision board etc., Id love to see yours one day 🙂

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