Success with My Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

My raw food diet and weight loss month has been the most amazing experience. It’s made me have more energy, feel better in myself, lose kilos and get rid of my excess belly fat.

This post is number four of the series on weight loss so if you’re interested in shedding a few kilos, you should really read the other three posts first, because success comes from approaching and executing this a positive way.

The first post is on How to Lose Weight with Ease, following on from that comes, Foods to eat and lose weight and the third post, How to Exercise and Lose Weight.

This final post details my exact path during this first month of changing my lifestyle and the amazing results I’ve had. But the key to success depends on the preparation and application, not on eating exactly the same foods.

And this month lifestyle change works on a 25 to 5 basis so when you get to day 25, you relax and break out into what you fancy. And you should only cut out the things you can cope with cutting out and choose to leave behind.

For me it’s been the best month ever!

‘I’ve lost 6 kilos (0.8 stone) in 4 weeks and 8 centimetres from my waist!’

Reasons to Begin a Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

There are countless motivations for this. In my case I decided that I want toFlower pot with a 50th Happy birthday card in it feel younger when I turn 50 than I did when I turned 49! So I set out to turn back the clock and reclaim my health.

By eating mainly raw foods and limiting those raw foods to fruit and vegetables I didn’t eat some of the high allergenic food groups (i.e. dairy & grain) and I don’t eat any artificial sugar or refined carbs. As a result I feel completely satisfied after eating and I don’t get any cravings whatsoever.

The month plan is 25 days of the raw food diet and 5 days of breaking out a bit. So a total balance of 25 days on to 5 days off.

The Raw Food and Weight Loss Month Helps You to…

  • Be healthier
  • Get fitter (with exercise)
  • Stop over eating and reduce your appetite
  • Lose excess weight
  • Get rid of surplus fat, including the more difficult-to-shift belly fat
  • Give you more energy
  • Reduce or eliminate your symptoms of IBS and other gut related issues

Points to Remember When Embracing This New Lifestyle

  • This is YOUR lifestyle so you should adapt the change to be personal to you and to fit your life.
  • Your metabolism and energetic needs will be different to everybody else – listen to your body and aim to supply what YOU need. So if that means including something more in your diet, do it.
  • Although fried foods and especially deep fried, are definitely best left out of your new lifestyle, lightly stir-fried is fine. Oil is not your enemy but raw oil is healthier than cooked and a touch of cooked is better than deep fried.
  • Don’t copy a set food plan without tweaking it to your own personal requirements and preferences. If, for you to be able to maintain this lifestyle you want to occasionally eat something that isn’t included, eat it.
  • Work on the basis of going one or two steps healthier than your current diet style. So if you eat a lot of pre-prepared foods, aim at including more natural foods but don’t stress that you, for example, sometimes eat some chips or whatever.
  • The secret is to be happy with your plan and be happy with your food life and to feel healthy. Then you can let go of the pressure and realise that you’re not on a diet, but living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Be excited and feel invigorated by your new lifestyle.

The Crux of the Matter

Balance your healthy food intake with your energy output. Include as much movement as you can in your life.

By cutting out the artificial sugars and refined carbs you remove the hunger cravings and can eat as much as you want without counting any calories or Broccoli and carrots lightly tossed in olive oilworrying about your figure.

You can cut out everything other than fruit, veg, nuts, eggs and tofu, like I’ve done for example, or you can choose to still eat other things like wholegrain rice for example.

Or you may want to steam your veg or stir fry in olive oil.

It’s entirely up to you to include the foods that your body thrives off!

So Down to the Brass Tacks!

Foods I Eliminated for the First Month

  • Gluten (I was already gluten free when I started.)
  • Dairy
  • All grains
  • Pre-prepared beans & chick peas
  • All tinned foods
  • Shop bought juice and all other commercial drinks
  • Alcohol (for days 1-25)
  • Decaf Coffee (for two weeks)

Some Facts About Me Before I Changed My Lifestyle:

  • Weight: 11 stone / 70 kilos
  • Waist: 92 cm

Health Issues:

  • Intolerant to gluten.
  • Upset stomach and stomach cramps if I drink orange juice or eat corn on the cob (which I used to love…)
  • Feeling sick after eating hard boiled eggs, especially in the morning.
  • Some wines cause a similar reaction of sickness and intolerance, but not all.
  • Bloated, protruding stomach.

General Symptoms:

  • Low energy levels, sometimes falling asleep
  • Brain fog
  • Terrible short term memory blocks
  • No muscle strength (from having always been a fairly strong person)
  • Fairly frequent headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Often feeling too cold

I’ve only completed the first month of my new lifestyle so far, so it’s too early to say on how many counts I’m healed, but I already feel tons better.

How to Start Your Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

Treat the first 2-3 days as being exceptionally special and make sure you can relax and take time for yourself in the beginning because this is when your body will be adapting to the change.

Relax and pamper yourself, and don’t start doing too much exercise until you’ve finished the first 2-3 days.

Decide what you would be happy to eat on a daily basis and what you are happy to cut out from your diet. Remember you can be adventurous with your food preparation, like making skewers with cucumber, apple, cherry tomato, carrot and grapesome vegetable kebabs. You don’t have to go 100% raw. Just keep your individual foods to real foods that consist of one single ingredient, and you’ll have success.

If you feel you need more sustenance you can include more stuff than I did. If you eat meat you can include organic, free ranged chicken or some fish with your meals.

Or maybe you’re vegetarian but feel you need to include potatoes or beans and chick peas. Beans and potatoes are fine! Just don’t mix them with cheese or butter! And play with what you eat until you love it. Remember to only eat real food.

Types of Food to Eat

  • Raw Fruit: Mango, watermelon, melon, tangerine, apple, kiwi, pear, avocado.
  • Vegetables: carrot, celery, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peas.
  • Chia seeds, quinoa, linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, tofu, eggs, beans, chickpeas.
  • Healthy fat: olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Drinks: Only water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, or homemade smoothies. Delicious! After the first 2 weeks I included decaffeinated coffee – you could include it from the start but I chose not to.
  • Vitamins: I took vitamin B12 most days but you could go for a good quality multi-vitamin instead. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan you could include some vegan omega 3.

Example Day

  • Breakfast: 1 mango + chia seeds
  •  Lunch: Spinach, cherry tomatoes, apple, walnuts, raw beetroot, with tofu or quinoa on top
  • Smoothie: Green Smoothie
  • Dinner: 1 small avocado, 1 apple
  • Evening snack: almonds

Make sure you include protein in your daily diet. After the first 2 days I started to include as much walking into my life as possible by walking to or from work.

In the second week I added some steamed broccoli and in the third week I drank decaffeinated coffee.

My Protein Sources (apart from what’s available in the veg.)

  • Boiled eggs with the raw lunch (I seem to be ok with eggs now).Almonds walnuts and hazelnuts in their shells
  • Tofu, either raw or heated in a dry frying pan.
  • Chia seeds in my smoothie every evening.
  • Quinoa
  • Almonds and walnuts ad lib.

Exercise Per Week

I try to move more in my daily life and include walking for longer as often as possible. In weeks 1, 2 & 3 the average amount of exercise per week was:

  • Walking per week: 24 kms
  • Swimming per week: 2 kilometres
  • Ashtanga Yoga: 3 hours
  • Strimming or gardening: 4 hours


I felt very tired on day 1  but I was also pretty exhausted before starting my new way of eating. On day two I was still tired. On day 3 I felt better and on day 4 I had a bit of a dip, feeling emotionally drained and a little lightheaded.

From day 5 onwards I felt positively good in energy and in the second week even better.

Week 1 Results of My Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month 

  • Total weight loss 2 kilos. Weight 68 kilos.

Week 2 Results 

  • Total weight loss 2 kilos. Weight 66 kilos.

Week 3 Results

  • Weight loss 2 kilos. Weight 64 kilos.

Days 25-30:

During these 5 days I drank a few glasses of white wine and a couple of gin and tonics. I ate one Indian meal, one Mexican meal and a gluten free pizza. Oh and I had decaffeinated coffee with Baileys!

Conclusion of My Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month for My Health, Weight and Belly Fat Loss

  • Weight at start: 70 kilos
  • Weight at the end of the month: 64 kilos

6 kilos weight loss!

  • Belly at start: 92 cms
  • Belly at end: 84 cms

8 cms off waist measurement!

  • Energy at start – very, very low
  • Energy at end – great

Energy levels repaired! 

  • Memory at start – problems – Memory after a month – not healed… yet.
  • Stomach cramps at start – fairly regular
  • Stomach cramps during the month – none – except after eating gluten free pizza on one of my days off.

Stomach cramps gone!

I’m going to continue with this lifestyle and reach my optimum personal weight and fitness then I’m going to carry on with it just because it feels so good. And I’m going to watch as my memory returns to normal.

I’ll let you know!

Have you ever tried anything similar to my Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month? I’d love to hear about it.

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