Manifesting the Life You Deserve

To start manifesting the life you deserve, you first need to be sure that you approach manifesting with an open mind. It’s quite a simple process and it works. You just have to try it and wait, and suspend your disbelief. When you start getting success, you’ll start to believe, and then you’ll get more powerful results.

Anyone can manifest things into their lives. YOU can manifest greatness into your life.

How to Start Manifesting the Life You Deserve

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect life. Include details. Break it down into steps and focus on each one of those steps. 

So, if your dream-life image is of living in a large house with a green garden, a red sports car, a group of friends who love you, an income that covers your desired lifestyle . . . then picture that life within your mind. 

Picture everything as being real. Feel the excitement in your chest. Imagine your house in every detail. Walk through the house in your mind; really get to know it.

Large Edwardian house with garden and lawn

Imagine every detail of your dream house.

You need to get to the stage where your emotions for for your dream are Real. Believe the dream to be true. It’s coming to you.

That’s why you should aim for something that’s close to where you are now, not worlds away, so that you can really feel it to be real.

Take time to return to the image in your head regularly.

It’s important to realise that your dream is one of many possible outcomes which come from change. A new house is not the change but the result of that change. Your perfect job is the result of internal change.

Once you’ve created an internal image of what you would like to see in your life, be prepared to work towards that goal – but just keep living the moment with steady intention.

Manifesting the Life you Deserve

Follow your path with steady intention.

It takes time for your subconscious to accept and believe what you’re programming it with. Keep with it.

Additionally, you can do a magic drawing of all the things you want to see change in your life. Don’t be surprised if what springs into your life isn’t how you expected; seize opportunity and go step by step towards your new reality.

If you regularly practise seeing your desired reality as being real, your subconscious will begin to accept that it’s real.

‘Science has long since proved that the subconscious triggers physical response to an imagined activity just the same as if that activity were real.’

Once your subconscious believes your internal imagery it will instruct you to behave quite differently (on a subtle level) and those changes will alter your world about you and your results.

Does Manifesting Really Work?

Manifesting the life you deserve works. You have to experience it and then you’ll know it for sure.

‘It isn’t a matter of believing in it or not; it’s a matter of knowing how to use it.’

It’s that simple. You can practise it and learn to make it work . . . or not. But once you’ve started getting results there’s no going back. You can’t say you believe in manifesting anymore because that would sound ridiculous.

Once you know something exists you can’t really go round saying you believe in it.

I believe in trees. Sound strange?

So, once you’ve gained experience of manifesting over and over again, you stop believing in it and you just switch over to knowing it’s real. Of course we don’t understand all the details yet . . . there’s so much still to learn.

But one thing’s clear; you can manifest change into your life if you decide to pursue the learning curve and apply it in your life.

For more detailed information on how to manifest your dream life, read the series: Introduction to manifesting your dreams followed by the magical first step in manifesting your life, the power of forgiveness and manifest your life dream.

Have you had any experiences with manifesting? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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