Manifest Your Own Destiny – Step #4

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This is the fourth step in how to manifest your own destiny, so if you want success and you haven’t read the previous posts, pop over and read them before you begin here.

First comes an Introduction to manifesting your dreams, followed by The magical first step in manifesting your life third isThe power of forgiveness – manifest your life #2 and then Manifest your life dream #3 – setting your intentions . 

And the fourth in the series is this post, Manifest Your Own Destiny – Step 4.

When you master the sequence of activities within these posts, you’ll be amazed at the power of manifesting. You may think that once you’ve set your intentions and put your request out into the universe, you’d be done.

But if you thought that, you’d be wrong!

Some of the vital parts of the jigsaw mustn’t be ignored and need to fit together to make the magic of manifesting work. . .

In this post we’ll look at:
  1. Removing Importance
  2. Releasing the time pressure
  3. Ask for What, forget the How or the When
  4. Acceptance
  5. Taking Action
  6. Receiving

Removing Importance

Once you’ve set your intentions globally and then focussed in on the first step of manifesting while all the time knowing your global intentions are also in alignment with you, it’s time to remove importance.

Manifesting doesn’t happen if you hold it hostage. It’s absolutely counter-productive to ‘test’ it by saying to yourself, ‘This has to happen‘, or ‘I need this to come’. Or for example, ‘I want it by Friday and if it doesn’t happen then I won’t believe it’.

No type of persuasion, coercion or pressure will bring about successful manifesting. In fact it will do the opposite, and send it right away from your reality.

So once you’ve set your intentions and visualised how it feels to have this desired outcome in your reality, remove importance from it entirely. Tell yourself that it’s in the hands of the universe and you’re not going to worry about it any more.

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Tell yourself it’s already on its way to you so there’s no pressure whatsoever. Refuse to allow any thought into your conscious mind about why it hasn’t appeared yet, how it must appear soon, or any other type of pressure thought.

”Release the thought.”

Each day, feel the truth of your desired outcome in your present moment. When you wake up in the morning, smile and give gratitude for its presence. As you go about your daily tasks feel excited at the change you’ve manifested. You’ve done the work, you’re just waiting for it to arrive.

‘When you make a purchase online, you know it’s on its way to you, so you get excited. Manifesting is the same. Feel as though you’ve purchased it online and it’s in the post.’

Removing importance is just as important as the actual intention. Trust in the process.

Note: it’s a sign that you aren’t in alignment if you feel that you desperately want this result. You should be way beyond wanting and into knowing. This is why it’s so important that you don’t reach too big when you first start, because if you don’t believe it, you won’t see it.

Release the Time Pressure

As with removing importance, this is vital. Manifesting can happen immediately or it can take time. There may well be a delay between the request and the appearance. With practice the process becomes much faster, but it never responds to time demands.

If you can’t pay the rent and it’s due on Monday. Just visualise yourself living happily in your apartment and handing over the rent money to your landlord. Manifest the result without any time-clauses attached.

If you worry in your head that you need it by Monday, you’re stepping into the same zone as over-wanting and one which stops the process.

Ask What – Forget the How and the When

Thinking about the how or the when will interfere with the process. The ‘how‘ question is basically a doubt. You’re doubting it can be done. How could I possibly get a job with that company when I don’t have the experience? That’s a doubt about the outcome of manifesting. And doubts stop the process.

Adding a time frame to your manifesting is also a stopper of the process because you’re putting pressure on. You must ask, visualise, feel the results and then let go and from that point on, feel the results as being present in your life.


At this stage, acceptance is everything. You completely accept that you’re on track to your new outcome. If you’re in a situation that’s unhealthy, unhappy or toxic for your soul, you may have to go through turbulence before you can find your desired outcome.

Many people become interested in manifesting when they’re not satisfied or happy with their lives. If that’s a mild dissatisfaction, you can manifest yourself into a new and vibrant lifestyle in a relatively straightforward way.

But if you’re in a terrible job, abusive or unhealthy relationship or any other situation that isn’t in your best interests, there’s going to be a conflict with what you want to manifest.

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It helps if you understand that even difficult, stressful, sad or turbulent times bring with them their own positive effects even if they’re not immediately visible.

I’d like to tell you my own story but it would take too long here, but suffice it to say that at that moment it was difficult to see through the problems, yet I knew, even at the time, that I just had to keep going forward, keep my intentions close to my heart and know it deep within me. Know that I was going to come through this and find my future Me.

Without the turbulence it would have been impossible for me to build a new life. I had to go through the darkness to come out into the light at the end of the tunnel.

So if you want to manifest something into your life, once you’ve set your intentions and you’re feeling it in your gut every day, be sure to come from a place of acceptance.

”What will be will be – and for good reason.”

Taking Action

One of the things that happens with manifesting is that you see lots of incredible little things popping up in your life. Synchronicities, opportunities, bits of good luck here there and everywhere!

It’s important to seize these moments and recognise them as being a part of the whole manifestation thing. And not just watch them happen, but take action. Action leads you to your next step.

Manifesting brings you the opportunity but if you let it slip past and you don’t take action when the moment comes, then your dream will freeze in space.

The action may not even seem to you to make sense, but don’t dismiss it. Remember things come from surprising angles. Be open and when you see a stepping stone that resonates with you, be sure to step on it.

You may have to be brave, but when you look back, after you understand that manifesting really is a Real Thing, then you’ll realise that you weren’t actually being brave at all; in reality it was just an illusion of bravery.

Because if you can manifest once, you can manifest twice. And if you can manifest a car, you can manifest a house. And if you can manifest a house, you can manifest a partner.

There are no limitations except your own perception of how far you can reach, how big you can think and how aware you are of taking action when it’s necessary.


Everything, from start to finish includes you. You are a part of this. When life manifests a result for you, you’ll need to be able to receive. There are so many people living lives they’re not happy with, yet they aren’t able to make the leap to something new.

You may set your intentions on a new job, yet when an opportunity presents itself suddenly one day, you find a reason not to hop onboard.

It wasn’t the job I was looking for, you tell your friends. But really, what you don’t realise is, it was exactly the job that was going to get you from A, your actual situation to B to C and then to D, your Desired Destination.

The journey from you actual situation A to your desired destination D doesn’t always travel in the route you’d expect it to. In fact it almost never does. That’s why we don’t worry about the ‘how’ as this is something the universe takes care of. When you see a stepping stone you need to be able to receive it and take action by stepping onto it, even if you don’t think or can’t see it taking you to D. Maybe you have to travel from A to K, back to C, over to P and then hop to D.

If you don’t accept and receive you could be missing out on the entire manifesting success by blocking the steps of the journey.

”I like to think of it as stepping stones. Step onto one when it appears and don’t worry about getting your feet wet.”


It’s a shame that many people will read this as if it were here just to be read. This is not here for you to read – it’s here for you to practise.

It’s an even bigger shame that so many people don’t know that they have the power to change their lives. They live trapped in their own circle and can’t see a way out.

Oftentimes if you suggest to someone that they could try x y or z, they’ll answer with all the reasons why they have to carry on doing exactly what they’re doing. They call it Reality.

”We are better off with our Own Reality – one that’s been consciously created by us.”

Remember what Henry Ford said:

”If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

Recap of the steps we’ve covered to manifesting your dream life:
  1. See the beauty around you every day.
  2. Appreciate everything positive in your life every day.
  3. Set your global intentions. Feel them within your gut.
  4. Choose a specific outcome, which is close enough to your current state that you can believe in it, to focus on. Feel it in your gut every day.
  5. Remove any attached importance to the outcome.
  6. Accept and trust the process.
  7. Take action and step on the stepping stones as they appear.
  8. Receive with awe.
  9. Be grateful and practise appreciation.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to Manifest your dreams, please leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’d love to hear about your manifesting successes or any problems you may have had or anything you’d like to share!

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