Magic Drawings for Manifesting

Using magic drawing for manifesting is a way of attracting what you want into your life. Positive thinking and manifesting are closely linked: both are about getting the most out of your life and living the life you want.

Manifesting material change in your life comes from a multi-faceted change; transform your deep beliefs, and in turn you will change your actions and your results.

We behave a certain way because we believe certain things, so it stands to reason that when you change your beliefs you’ll also be changing your behaviour – which leads to changed results.

Magic Drawings for Manifesting Help You Define Where You Want to Go

Magic drawings for manifesting are incredible things, really, incredible. It’s important to keep up your positive thinking and never doubt the outcome of your drawing.

The first one I did intentionally came about when I was having rather a difficult time. I had a fractured ankle that was refusing to mend because of nerve damage; I was going through separation & divorce; I had no income coming in and a mortgage to pay. 

I didn’t know how I was going to get myself onto the next step on a new path. But I already practised positive thinking and knew there would be a way forward. I just didn’t know how.

So I sat down and took out a large sketch book and just drew little representatives of all the things I wanted to see in my life. I drew a house. I drew a silhouette to represent meeting my soul mate. I drew a 4×4 car to represent cash flow for a new car. I even drew a fence because the existing fence needed repairing and I didn’t have any money to repair it.

Oh, and I also an aeroplane to represent frequent travel. And yes, some euro signs and euro notes. I drew lots of hearts to show the love for all those around me in my life.

When I look at that drawing now, it makes me laugh because it’s completely and totally resolved: every little picture has become manifested in my life.

The first thing that happened was I met my soul mate. The second was that a friend came to stay and decided it was a great holiday project to fix all the fencing – with absolutely no suggestion from me.  

And so it went on … and now every single thing on the picture has come to fruition.

Magic Drawing for Manifesting

Make a Magic Drawing

To make a magic drawing, get a really nice big piece of paper or sketchbook and do representative pictures of all the miracles you want to see coming into your life. Call the picture a magic drawing so that your subconscious knows that it’s powerful. You don’t need to show anybody else your drawing and you don’t need to talk about it. Just put it somewhere safe and carry on as normal.

Come back and check on your magic drawing and mentally check off the things as they manifest into your life.

Know it in your heart and keep it there. Ever day, every minute, all the time. You are on a new direction.

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