Learn How to Love Your Body

Learn how to love your body regardless of its shape or size. Love it because it’s your vehicle. Your way of experiencing the world about you. Without a body, how would you be able to go through this life?

Positive thinking is about recognising the good and the positive in life and not getting trapped down into self-created negativity. And that starts at home – and one of the most important starting points is learning to love your body.

To Love Your Body Isn’t Vanity

Loving your body has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with appreciation. The human body’s the most amazing, clever design ever – superior to any computer. And here we are complaining about its dimensions.

Most people have something they don’t like about their body and that’s okay: thinking that one part of your body could be improved isn’t a problem.

Learning how to love your body doesn’t mean you think it’s perfect. You may be Statue of a magnificent plump lady smiling with confidence with a lake in the backgroundoverweight, you may wish your nose was smaller or your hips narrower; that’s okay. You can work on changing your body in whatever way you like, and that’s positive. Lose weight, get into shape, dye your hair, get a tan or anything else you want do to improve. That doesn’t deter from the fact that you love your body at all.

‘The idea that you’re more loveable if you’ve got a perfect body is false.’

So if you let yourself feel lesser than others because of your body image, you’re giving away your strength. Be strong and be YOU.

As you learn how to love your body with all its imperfections, your self-confidence will grow and you’ll find people smiling with you: the law of attraction at work!

How to Change Your Self Image and Love Your body

Try to see your body differently, as though you’re just living in it instead of it being you. Just for a moment imagine, really imagine, the following scenario:

‘You’re drifting around formlessly, much like a cloud in the universe, still able to think and to reason but without a body. Another cloud-being asks if you’d like to play the game of life.

Why not? you say. Let’s do it. And so you read the 2 simple rules: 1. you will have no memory of your cloud form. 2. The object of the game is to gain as much from your life as you can. The winner will be determined after the end of the game.

You nod your head. Ok let’s play. You close your eyes and you’re born into the world to start the Game of Life in a body-on-loan. It is NOT your body, only for the duration of the game.

If you trash the body during the game, you don’t get another – it’s game over. But if you look after it, you can play the game to its fullest.’

So you see, if you look at life in that way, it would be really unwise to trash your loaned body.

On the other hand, if you define your body as being YOU, you can spend your life being unhappy with your body image. Unhappy with yourself. You look at others and see beauty everywhere, because they’re all so much more perfect than you are (except they’re not). 

Did you design your body? No. Did you build Robot type body standing with arms outstrechedyour body? No. Did you go to the body-parts-shop and choose your knees, your skin, your hair? No. Are you responsible for the miraculous work of your lungs, your heart, your kidneys and your liver? No.

Exactly. You Didn’t Make Your Body, so it isn’t yours to trash. You have to treasure it.

‘Be thankful that you can see the world, hear the music and feel the rain because you have a body.’

Realise that you’re living in this world just for this moment in time. This isn’t forever. This is a NOW moment. It can end just as soon as your car-body stops working. You aren’t separate from your body, but you are….

‘Your mind may still want to continue playing the game but if your body stops, so does the game. It’s logical then to try and take care of your vehicle.’

We’re here for a millisecond compared with the hundreds of thousands of years that have gone before us and are still to come after us. When you put that into scale and look down as though from the outside, you’ll see that to waste a lifetime of happiness because of your so-called body imperfections makes no sense.

‘Don’t throw away your one moment here because you think your body doesn’t look good enough.’

You can have more Happiness than you can even imagine. So grab it with both hands – and don’t get distracted by superficial, false criticisms.

As we get older we come to realise that every day counts. Life really is here only for the moment of now. If we let other people pull us down, we give away our happiness. If we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, we sabotage our own life.

Tell yourself that your mind has been lent this body so that you can experience life. Whether you believe that literally or not is irrelevant. This is about shifting your perception of yourself into a positive zone so that you can start to love your body.

‘Your body is your CAR and you’re driving it through life. But if it breaks down you can’t buy another one.’

 Don’t Give Your Power to Others

Avoid letting other people determine your self worth. Your life is Yours. Nobody else’s. Your Body is Yours. Nobody else’s. Don’t let anyone trash your body. If you would like to lose weight or get into shape, great, but learning to love your body has nothing to do with thinking your body is flawless.

‘Remember you are here on a journey, and you can only experience that journey if you have a vehicle – and that vehicle is your body.’

Please look after it and learn how to love yourself. 

Embrace positive thinking in everything you look at and everything you do, and you’ll find your life turning in a new direction.

You can only truly give to others when you love yourself first.

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