A Journey to Financial Independence

You can start out (for free) and learn skills to bring you financial independence. If you like the idea of earning extra income online, read on.

I’m writing this post because I’ve started the road toward financial independence and I know that this information can help lots and lots of people. This experience has changed my life completely. And will continue to change my life for a few years to come or more.

This is something I feel so grateful for. And you can do it too, if you want to.

About This Article

The first post in this series about self transformation deals with a journey into self transformation. The second is about the 5 steps to self transformation and this third post is about learning new skills which can lead you to financial independence.


Starting Your Journey to Financial Independence

My Story, Starting Out

Are You Ready For Change?

What Does it Mean to be Financially Free?

How to Gain Financial Independence

Learning Website Building

How You Can Make Money On the Internet

What it Takes to Become a Blogger (if you so choose)

Can You Still Succeed if You Don’t Like Writing?

What About Affiliate Marketing?


Starting Your Journey to Financial Independence

Have you ever had an unexpected cost for something that’s too expensive for your cash flow at that moment? Do you ever need to struggle to save for a holiday? Want a new car?

If you relate to any of these things, what solutions are you bringing to the table? Do you have a plan of how to increase your financial situation? And what about your pension? Do you ever wonder how you’ll feel and how comfortable you’ll be when you stop working? Or maybe you would like to work less already?

Money raining down on man

This post deals with how to get the skills so that you can go for financial independence. It is not an instant-riches or get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s a work hard and get the rewards kind of plan. You can do this alongside your normal work as long as you have a few hours a day to dedicate it. And then you can create an online income.

I know that there are millions of people who would love to have the same opportunity but don’t know how or where to start, so I decided to share, even though I haven’t reached the end of the story yet!

My Story, Starting Out

The inner transformation occurred before the physical, before I saw the physical manifestation of change. To give you a little background, I went through years of struggling financially, working, (or rather over-working,) emotionally running low until eventually it all blew up in my face metaphorically speaking.

The catalyst happened and I had to go through an intense period of self destruction followed by deep self analysis, followed by self transformation.

And precisely during that time I had an accident and I couldn’t work. I had no money, tons of debt and was alone in my mortgaged house going through what would be described (in normal terms) as a very dark period full of anguish and powerlessness.

And yet it was those 6 months that gave birth to new life in me.

It’s hard to trace the origins of something back to its beginnings because you can always go one step further back. Each step’s always linked like a chain to the one before it, so you can’t really identify the beginning without telling your whole life story lol! But I’m not going to do that here lol!

It was around this period in my life that I became aware of something I’d already been practising for years without realising it – namely the act of manifesting things into your own life, only now I was doing it with conscious intention.

And so my life flourished and everything I had held in my imagination became manifested in my reality. I was extremely happy as I travelled a road filled with synchronicity.

About 6 years later I had another awakening when I realised that the real truth in life is when we realise that we are bound by our own restrictions. That true life doesn’t require that we work a heavy job, or satisfy the neighbour’s idea of what we should do. True life is freedom to be who you really are. And I knew then that I wanted to be financially independent.

We are only as big or as small, as happy or as sad as our thoughts. Whatever you believe, is. I was happy and I knew I could reach higher, towards the true meaning of life – to live freely.

In other words, I wanted to find a way to make a living online. And so I set off down the road of searching for possibilities. Searching online for something that would resonate within me.

During that time, I explored lots of online opportunities, but most of them were expensive or downright scams. So I was sceptical when I discovered this online platform because I didn’t trust it.

But it’s free to join so I took the leap of faith and signed up. And I’ve never looked back.

Are You Ready For Change?

Do you want money? Let me answer the question simply, for me.

‘I want freedom to do and be whatever I believe in. I want to live. Freely.’

bird of prey flying in the sky with trees in background

Are you ready for change in your life? What does your life look like? I don’t mean to someone else looking in from the outside. I mean to YOU. Do you live in beauty and joy, or do you look out miserably from within your life as though you were trapped?

Inner transformation is intrinsically linked with what you see outwardly in your life. Your life is a reflection.

That doesn’t mean that if you have more money, you’re better or happier. Not at all. It also doesn’t mean you can judge your inner success by how much you own. It doesn’t mean anything like that. What it means is . . .

”As you change within, so you change without. And so the reflection of your world changes.”

– Love Positive Thinking

Making money’s a really complex topic because believe it or not, most people who don’t have lots of money do have loads of complex contradictory beliefs about it. If you don’t have abundance in your life, a great place to start would be looking into learning self hypnosis and meditation to unravel your inner beliefs associated with money and dispel the contradictions.

Do you have limiting beliefs that you aren’t worthy of being wealthy? Maybe you need to learn how to love yourself? Or stop worrying about what other people think of you? Have you got some deep inner thoughts which tell you that money’s something bad, dirty or dangerous? Do you harbour secret fears of wealth?

There are millions of variations of inner thoughts, all wired together in your hardwiring to set the scene around wealth. When you can clear them out, you open the door for money to manifest in your life.

Another personal example:

I used to want to save all the animals I possibly could (well that hasn’t changed then!), but I held very deep rooted, limiting, contradictory beliefs around money. So I did it: I saved all the animals I possibly could with almost no money – and that meant I was restricted in how many animals I could help. What you believe, becomes.

I could go on and on about this topic, but I’m off on a tangent, so to get back on track, I went through deep, personal, inner transformation around the topic of wealth and I gradually peeled away the layers of thoughts and beliefs which I had previously held.

And I came out the other side with a healthier relationship with money. It started as a curiosity before it became knowledge. Knowledge that our life is not about struggling to go to work, because life is short. And it has nothing to do with much of the trivial things we give such enormous importance to.

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Free?

We live in a world where we use our time to trade for money. You can have half my life and in return you must pay me a certain amount each month. We accept that it’s normal to do this, not because we value our work (although thankfully many people do) but because we think we have to. Some people even live doing a job they don’t like.

We go to work. We accept it as a given fact of life. We give away our time in return for a bit of money. Because that’s just the way it it. Well no, actually, it isn’t, not anymore in these days of internet. You just don’t have to subscribe to that way of thinking. Not unless you love your work. And even then, you may choose another way.

What I realised, or I should say, began to realise, because in reality I was taking the first step down a long road of transformation, was that it was time for me to just live. That my normal work model wasn’t the only model for me anymore.

Live. One word. What does it mean to you? How many pages could you fill with what it means to you? How many books could you write?

There’s no right or wrong answer of course, because like everything, it’s all perception. To me, now, it means doing what you believe in. Support what you want to support. Eat how you believe we should eat. Live. Not, live but-you-have-to-do-this-to-be-able-to live. No. No more strings attached. No more Buts. Live in the way you believe and give your life your best, no your very best, every step of the way.

We’re mortals and yet we live our lives planning for our pensions. Your life is a moment. This moment. Maybe you’ll live to 100 or maybe you won’t. The only way to make sense of it is to be present now, and yes, that may be a cliché these days, but it’s an important, true and wonderful cliché.

How To Gain Financial Independence

I’m talking about one particular path to financial independence, and that path is the path of the internet. You see, you can make your living on the internet by learning the skills. Before I started out, I knew absolutely nothing about websites or the internet. Other than as a consumer of course.

So when I set off down this road, I was looking for a magic something that would make me money . . . yet I discovered something much more powerful . . . I discovered the golden keys to the gates.

Instead of finding one way to make money, you will discover a world of SEO, of building websites, affiliate marketing and blogging. You will learn what HTML and CSS mean; everything WordPress and how to become a blogger and how to approach affiliate marketing. This knowledge is like handing you a set of wings. Not just that, the training helps you through it, step by step.

You might be sensing my excitement as I start writing faster! I mean if you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer you can create your own income. Sure you have to put in the hours, but if you love doing it, it doesn’t matter. And not only that, you can work the hours that suit you.

If you’ve ever wanted to build up some form of financial independence, I now know that you can succeed as long as you have persistence and determination and don’t give up. This is no longer a supposition for me. I personally know people (online) who started out when I did and are now earning varying amounts of cash each month.

My online income is still in its infancy, but it’s still exciting to get an email with a payout, no matter how small. And once you start you can get better and better.

If you want to do this too, I will be there to help you if you have any questions.

Learning Website Building

I looked into loads of different online opportunities but they all turned out to be get-rich-quick schemes which wanted large sums of money once they’d got you hooked.

So it was back to the drawing board until I came across the platform where I am now, where I could join for free, risk-free and stay free forever – if I wanted.

I was suspicious, but I figured as it was free and there was nothing to lose I’d try it out, but it’s probably another scam. I joined the platform very sceptically and started the training. Yet almost immediately I knew this was something for me. The training is just that. Training. Great training. Easy to follow video training which you can go through systematically as you build your website.

You will learn how to build a website in WordPress. If you just want to build a static site for your existing business, (like this one I built for my artwork or this one I built for our guesthouse for example), you’ll be up and running in absolutely no time at all. You can literally build your new website in a matter of days and save yourself a fortune on web designers.

Are you someone who enjoys a challenge? Do you have persistence and determination? Does the idea of creating your own online business appeal to you? If so, you could seriously love this opportunity. Note: this is not a quick, easy or instant process; it’s a learning path that requires dedication.

As a free member you get full access for one week and partial access forever.

What if I become a premium member; how much will it cost?

If you’re excited by the idea of creating your own income online, you will most probably want to join the premium membership. The absolute best way to do that is to sign up before the end of the first week, because this will entitle you to a discount and you’ll get the first month for only 19$.

The platform is not a place where you’re obliged or hassled to stay. So you can leave at any time with no pestering. You can stay free – you can do what you want!

So the way I see it is this – if you like the first week (and I think you will if the whole concept appeals to you), donate yourself 19$ and take another 4 weeks to try out the platform. That gives you 5 weeks, enough time to plough ahead with the training, build your website and decide if it’s really made for you or not.

I decided I to jump at that opportunity. I figured that 5 weeks training for 19$ was a giveaway.

Well! I was blown away! Before the 5 weeks were over I’d already built this site and was blogging (though I still had – and still have, loads more to learn).

How Else Can You Make Money on the Internet?

As a consequence of my joining that platform I have skills that I didn’t have before. That means I could make money designing websites for other people if I wanted, or I could create a blog like this one and sell it. I could set up a physical business web-page for my real life businesses, create an online store, a site about services, a travel or holistic health site, or a site focussing on product reviews. And the list goes on.

Personally, I love blogging. Writing always has been my passion. And I love helping people in whatever way I can (the teacher in me!).

If you don’t fancy blogging you can have a niche website with affiliate links. It could also be a site about TV movie reviews, makeup, or clothes or anything. A niche site is one that provides the reader with valuable information in the way of reviews. Those types of sites will be more product orientated than this type of blog, though with travel blogs for example, there are loads of associated affiliate opportunities.

So the choice of what type of website you set up is completely up to you. I know people who are making money with natural health sites, pet sites, amazon product sales, work from home sites, travel sites, web building and technical sites . . . there’s no limit to what you can write about or promote.

You see why I’m so excited to be at this moment in my life? I’m learning (I love learning) and I’m sharing (looooove sharing) and I’m firmly on the road to financial independence.

If you want to join me, click on the button below to sign up to the platform and start your journey to financial freedom too.

What it Takes to Become a Blogger (If you so choose!)

  • Time. You need to input time into your new career. You can do it alongside your usual work as long as you’re prepared to stay up late or get up early!!
  • Patience. Absolutely, you will need heaps of patience.
  • Determination. Inner knowledge that you know where you’re headed.
  • Persistence. There is no no, only yes. Difficulties are just detours. You will still arrive at your destination.
  • Passion. Passion for what you’re doing!
  • Joy. The joy will come all of its own accord.

What if you don’t like writing?

There are so many different doors which open to you once you’ve mastered the skills involved in physically setting up your site, you don’t actually have to love writing. If you love writing however, like I do, you can blog away about anything and everything, but if writing isn’t your passion, you can build an online store, or a site based around reviews, or facts. You don’t have to be a waffler!

On another point, if you love a chat but think you can’t write, think again. You can write just as though you are chatting and then use Grammarly to check through your work.

And What About Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is lucrative and and if you’re not keen on writing long blogs, it may be perfect for you. With affiliate marketing you choose your niche and write reviews of products, services etc, which then pay you a commission when your readers buy through your site.

Of course your reviews have to be honest to be of any value to your reader. And honesty and trust are the spine of your business.

You can also set up an online store without ever holding a single product.

Conclusion On a Road To Financial Independence

If you’ve read this far, maybe it’s because you like the idea of creating an online income. Or perhaps the idea of taking time off when it suits you is the biggest attraction. Or do you love learning new things?

The wonderful thing about this path, is that the learning is continual and the satisfaction huge. And you know that you’ve taken the reins of your life into your own hands.

I think you’ll have noticed by now with my blogging, that I’m not trying to ‘sell’ you anything (if not, take a look around the site at my other posts). That isn’t the reason I’m excited by this!

I’m excited because this is the single most powerful road to financial independence and I’m excited to be here.

– Soraya

An Invitation and a Promise

So I invite you to join me in this journey and I promise to personally help you with your goals. How to get started, how to find your way and how to make the most of the platform so that you can start your journey to financial independence! Interested?

Here’s to your success! If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line in the comment area below and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.!

And if you enjoyed reading this post, you can put your email address into the signup at the top of this page to get our posts to your inbox.

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