Introduction to Manifesting Your Dreams

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Manifesting your dreams happens when a series of events coincide, or rather co-reside, within you. It doesn’t just depend on one single action and we all know that you can’t say: I want to wake up rich tomorrow and expect to find a pile of money on your bed the next morning.

But actually you absolutely can manifest wealth & abundance and anything else you desire into your life.

And in this series of posts I’m going to show you how.

We’re going to look at:

My Early Manifesting Technique

When I was a child I drew a painting of a hut, a horse, a dog and a tree. At the bottom of the page I wrote, ‘I want to live in a simple hut with my horse and my dog.’

That was the first manifestation that I noticed in my life. I hadn’t set out to follow that painting, in fact I forgot all about it. But my subconscious followed the path of my desires and years later when I was living in a run down house with my horse and lots of rescue dogs, I came across my painting and it struck me that I had manifested my reality.

You can read more about using drawings to attract and manifest your dreams in Magic drawings for manifesting

I did a lot of soul-searching to root through my subconscious beliefs and challenge my hang-ups, limitations, aspirations, goals, beliefs and every other aspect I could think of. And gradually I came to know myself a bit better and to realise that all my difficulties were brought on by ME.

So I began to be more aware of my manifesting abilities. I developed the ability to judge a situation by my feelings. It was manifesting in reversal.

I would do the feeling test and if it tested positive, I knew that the desired result was coming into my reality, but if it tested negative according to my solar plexus, then it was still a long way from my reality.

I didn’t know it was anything to do with manifesting and I didn’t have a name for it. I just had a feeling that I listened to; a sensation right in the depth of my gut, where I knew if something was going to come to pass.

I practised that form of manifesting for years. I’d go after something and if it felt right in my core gut I’d know it was going to happen and I’d rest easy. I didn’t yet control the manifesting, I just knew it as fact and waited for the appearance of whatever I was desiring to appear in my reality.

In those days things used to take quite a long time between me manifesting them in my gut and them appearing in my reality. Nowadays the delay is much less and sometimes immediate.

An Example of My Early Manifesting

One time I saw a house which I wanted to rent for my office so I asked the neighbours if they had contact details of the owner. The neighbours kindly phoned the owner and I asked if he would be interested in renting out his empty property.

But he told me the house was not for rent and never would be. I felt a bit shocked because it had felt so right. So I just tucked the information away and carried on as normal, still with the feeling that the house was mine. My gut told me that that house would become mine so it must be true.

As I result of this inner security I didn’t worry about the issue of finding another office building.

Manifest my house

Sure enough, about a couple of weeks later, the owners went into the house and discovered a leaking pipe had flooded the entire ground floor and water lay a foot deep. The flood had been happening over the course of several months and there was a huge water bill to be paid (to the sum of 10,000€).

They contacted me immediately and said that they’d changed their mind – it would be better to have someone living in the house after all. And the rent money would go towards paying the extortionate water bill.

When they phoned me, and when I moved my office into that house, I just knew it in my heart. It was mine, meant to be, waiting for me, whatever you want to call it, I had known it was coming to me.

And so I had manifested my second house!

That’s just one example of many, many, many manifestations, each time becoming more specific, more streamlined and more deliberate.

Later on I learned how to change it round and be the decider to manifest rather than just recognise the manifesting-feeling after the fact!

I’ve gone from living with no money in a falling-down house with nothing but long days at work and never enough money to pay the bills to living my dream life.

And I want to help you to unlock the key and have the life you want and deserve.

Successful Manifesting with Positive Thinking 

Being positive is fundamental to successful manifesting. As well as forming an essential part of the power of manifesting, having a positive approach in life will save you time and energy.

You become more productive if you focus on what you can have/do/love instead of what you can’t. This should be common knowledge, but it isn’t.

Too many people think it’s just being ‘realistic’ to focus on the bad, worry about the future possibilities and dwell on the negative. But ask yourself, what are you gaining by thinking that way? The answer is nothing. You’re gaining nothing when you worry more, focus on lack and negativity.

So, if you’re ready to harness your positive thinking abilities and set out the road of deliberate manifesting, go ahead and read the next post in this series, The Magical First Step to Manifesting Your Life.


If you start practising the techniques given in this series of posts you will be able to create the life you are looking for. You can change anything you want except other people. (They may well change as a reflection of your influence, but you can’t demand that anybody should change to fit your manifestation.)

Manifesting works. It isn’t a case of believing or not believing because when you’ve got practised at it you see the results. How can you believe in something if you can see it clearly in front of you? I mean, do you believe in a table? Or do you just accept that a table exists? That’s what manifesting is like. It’s 100%. Not 50%, not 70% but 100%. If you do it right, it comes into your reality.

Another wonderful thing about manifesting is that the more success you get, the more you realise that it’s real and the bigger reach you develop. In the beginning you should manifest baby steps because it’s important that your logic believes it. Otherwise, your logical mind may well sabotage your success.

But once you’ve got the hang of it you can change anything and everything.

Continue reading: The magical first step in manifesting your life.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to manifest your dream life, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.! I love to connect so please don’t be shy!

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