How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Now

How to stop drinking alcohol now, with a positive attitude and great success. Tips and methods that will help you to change your drinking habits without stress. Want to cut down? Want to give up completely but don’t know how? Use this positive thinking method to make the path easier – if not easy – and enjoy unbeatable results.

how to stop drinking alcohol now

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

We live in a society where drinking too much alcohol is encouraged, applauded and rewarded. Our whole system is geared towards the great drinking culture, whether it be a glass of red, a pint of ale or a whisky on the rocks. It’s cool. It’s tempting and it’s delicious.

So when exactly should you ask yourself how to stop drinking alcohol? When does simply drinking alcohol become drinking too much alcohol? Well there are so many variations but the bottom line is – when it’s no longer just a bit of fun and when drinking has any negative effect on you whatsoever.

And remember, you can learn how to stop drinking alcohol now just by reading this article and making the start towards changing your life. It really does start with that one single step.

We tend to accept all sorts of things when we’re in the mind-set of someone who likes a drink. That’s fine, as long as we aren’t accepting things that truly deep down, we wouldn’t want to accept under normal circumstances.

For example, if you notice that you’ve been prioritising having a drink over other activities that are more more important (to you). . . Or if you’re upsetting people just because you’ve had a drink . . . and the list of reasons goes on. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already started thinking about making a change.

Long term drinking damages your health. It creeps up on you unawares – because your body can take alcohol for a long long time without showing symptoms – until one day when it can’t any more.

Most of us don’t worry about the negative effects of alcohol because we’ve become de-sensitised to its effects through our cultural perception of alcohol being cool. But there may come a time, at some point in your life when you want to look after your body and treasure it – after all without your body you can’t experience this life.

When that moment comes, you can learn how to stop drinking alcohol or you may want to just change your drinking habits and benefit from loads more time, loads more activities and loads more quality in your life and in your relationships with people around you.

I’m a drinker, and have been for the last 30 years or more. But now I’ve reached a time in my life where I want to experience MORE!

You need to change your inner beliefs before you start activating the change, otherwise you’re cruising towards a struggle based on contradiction and inner conflict: one part of your mind telling yourself not to drink and the other, subconscious part wanting to drink.

Am I Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

Do you…

  • Drink in the morning?am I drinking too much alcohol
  • Drink every day/evening when you get home?
  • Look forward to cracking open the bottle, like it’s an activity?
  • Drink more than you want to?
  • Get carried away into binge drinking?
  • Forget what you did the previous evening?
  • Wake up thirsty or with a headache?
  • Wake up with a full blown hangover?
  • Waste time and get less done than you’d like?
  • Find your memory getting worse?
  • Find yourself arguing with your loved ones more than you used to?
  • Say things you regret the next day?
  • Spend more than you can afford on alcohol?
  • Drink to make you feel better?
  • Accept behaviour from yourself that you wouldn’t normally?

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Now

Changing your drinking habits can be one of the most difficult challenges for many people, because as well as all the difficulties you’d get if you were stopping smoking – for example – you also have to deal with the effect it will have on every single social situation. Not to mention all the social pressure that comes with not drinking alcohol.

But don’t let social pressure put you off.

The first step is to build your inner image and desire to change, and this is where positive thinking becomes all important. Use your positive attitude to really feel connected to the image of you as a non-drinker or whatever your goal is.

Take time to learn how to stop drinking alcohol before you begin actually changing your behaviour. I call this the incubation period. Incubate your desire until it feels well established and real so that you love the idea of not drinking. This may take days or months but keep going. You can also use self hypnosis to help change your perception of alcohol.

The next step is to build a positive association with the absence days so that those days become the exciting, special days in your subconscious.

 See those days like party days. The extra special days.

The absence days are now going to be your ‘cool’ days. The days you feel so happy and cool with your new lifestyle. The days you feel proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved. You haven’t ‘stopped’ drinking. You’ve started having some special days without any alcohol! Whoooo whoooo! So convert the absences into bonuses.

Slowly, Slowly . . .

You’ll have to change your internal hardware before you can expect to experience the joy in this. Build it up in steps. Work on your internal positive image of what it means to achieve your new goals. Build up on a daily basis all the re-enforcing thoughts that are positive about you not-drinking. But from now on, we’re not going to call it not-drinking we’re going to call it blazing. Blazing is an activity. Not-drinking is a negative description of not doing something, so what are you doing instead? Blazing.

Blazing Days

It’s important to have something to do with your extra time. If you usually sit on the sofa with the TV on and a glass of wine, don’t just remove the wine, change your whole evening around.

What to do instead of drinking . . .

Choose something that interests you and start learning about it. For me, I took up writing online. I didn’t know how to create my own website so I joined a community that offers an entire education about how to build your own websites, use effective SEO etc. and that opened the doors for me to the online world or writing, which I absolutely love.

If you fancy joining me and learning how to have an online business, just let me know. I’ll even help you get started and answer your questions personally. It’s a perfect way to spend your blazing days.

If an online business doesn’t appeal to you, think what other new activities you could get really engrossed into. Painting? learn yoga from home? Reading? Learning a new language? Getting healthy by going walking?

Whatever you choose to do, recognise it as an exciting bonus opportunity that you didn’t have time for before. Be positive. Use positive thinking to find the great, the incredible and the exciting in everything that you do.

To Avoid Alcoholic Environments or Not?

to avoid alcoholic environments or not

While your belief in blazing is new or fragile it will be easier if you create days especially for blazing. Going to a heavy party and drinking fizzy water all evening is not actually conducive to your mission because there is nothing pleasurable in it (yet). You won’t think you’re gaining anything and it will make it very difficult for you to succeed.

First you need to build up a huge mental resource of enjoying blazing before you can expect to put yourself into heavy drinking environments. Be realistic about your expectations. Set yourself up for success.

I’m very excited by my new blazing week. I’m probably not going to blaze tomorrow – I will probably have an alcoholic drink. But I haven’t failed, I’ve succeeded. Succeeded in changing my core belief and my outward habits. At 49 years old I’ve found the key to changing my drinking habits.

Tips to Quit Drinking Alcohol

  • Don’t do anything until you’ve at least begun to change your inner perception of being a non-drinker into a positive image.
  • Incubate the idea of quitting until it feels ‘good’ to you. Build up your positive image.
  • Be excited about the new, future ‘you’.
  • Don’t go telling everyone your plans or you’ll weaken them.
  • Decide what things you’re going to do in your newly found free-time.
  • Find something that you like to drink which isn’t alcohol and make sure you have a lot of it available. For me, that’s fizzy water.
  • Start by having one day without a drink and do something with that day. Be proud of that day and reward yourself.
  • Put aside a jar and every time you fancy a drink, put a couple of euros or pounds in the jar instead.
  • Build up your success gradually. If you go out and have a drink, don’t worry, just get back to being positive and blazing the next day.
  • Always use positive thinking to find the side of things that’s to your advantage.

Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

Blazing days are so exciting. Make a list of what you want to achieve when you blaze and what you can get from those days. 

On a blazing day, I . . .

  • . . . have more TIME to enjoy!
  • . . . wake up fresher.
  • . . . can write online all day, evening and night.
  • . . . have more energy and feel less tired all day.
  • . . . need much less sleep.
  • . . .sleep better.
  • . . . don’t have sick days (from reaction to alcohol).
  • . . . lose fat because I have less sugar in my diet.
  • . . . run instead of walk because I feel full of energy.
  • . . . get to go for the lifestyle I previously dreamt of, a lifestyle of activity!
  • . . . have loads of synchronicities in my life.

Get excited by your blazing plan. Be excited. What is it you want to achieve? Be specific. Make sure you get something positive from the blazing days. Don’t let yourself get into a ‘poor me’ syndrome of giving up something.

Don’t Buy into Thinking:

Don’t think willpower is all you need. (Willpower alone would imply forcing yourself to do something . . . )

Don’t think you have to ‘give up’ something. (You want to gain something, not give up something.)

Don’t believe you have to suffer and miss out. (It’s your choice every step of the way.)

When a super talented athlete springs across the mat and everyone gasps at her amazing skill, is it negative because she has given up everything to achieve her dream? Or is it a positive because she has achieved her dream?

Replace the drinking with achieving a dream. And replace those negative thoughts with:

  • I want to put in the time and energy to change my subconscious beliefs about what I want from life.
  • I want to gain something from my new blazing lifestyle.
  • I’m very excited to be gaining the lifestyle of my dreams.
  • I’m very excited to be loving and taking care of my body.

If you know that when you have a drink you’re going to want more, and it will lead to more and more and more . . . and if you know that you’ll do things you wish you hadn’t, say things you wish you hadn’t, go places you wish you hadn’t . . . If you really go from zero-to-one-hundred when you drink – then maybe you will want to aim at 100% blazing days.

Otherwise it’s best to grow your appreciation for blazing in an organic fashion. Blaze your life away and then one day when you find yourself with friends in a party and you accept a glass of wine, just accept that on that day you won’t be blazing away. You haven’t failed! Every day that you’ve blazed, you’ve achieved more, done more, been more than ever before. So don’t forget it!

For the last thirty years I’ve had an alcoholic drink almost every day. I just thought it was fun and tasty to have a glass of wine in the evenings, or to drink lots on occasions. Finished work? Crack open a beer. A beer or a glass of wine in the evening may sound ok, but in reality in my mind it became an activity, which didn’t produce anything positive. An activity that took up time but produced nothing. Now with that time I can write, I can read, play the piano, do yoga, paint, walk . . . I get so much more out of a blazing lifestyle than I did from my boozy lifestyle.

Some of the False Things We Believe in

Drinking is an activity – it isn’t.

I get just as much done drinking as I would if I didn’t drink – you don’t.

I’m just as healthy as I would be if I drank less – you aren’t.

Drinking is cool – that’s just your programming which you can change it if you want.

So ask yourself . . .

Is it boring to blaze and achieve all your possibilities? Is it boring to follow your dreams?

As with everything, there’s a moment when you cross an inner line and your thinking changes. It takes time to cross the line but once you’ve crossed it you’ll see everything differently and the change becomes easy.

If you see nothing to gain by changing your habits it will be very difficult to succeed. If you see something to gain however, focus on that and built your strategy based around gain, not loss.

I personally have gained beyond words. My life is an exciting voyage of discovery!

If you have any experiences or any positive tips to help other people succeed with blazing please leave a comment.

So happy to be on my second day without drinking alcohol.

So happy on my fifth blazing day.

Having a blazing Monday today and loving it. Managed to spend hours working on my websites

So happy after a blazing week. Having a blazing weekend and loving it! 🙂 

My continual reality is so exciting and I choose daily to enjoy blazing days so that I can experience life to the full.

I hope this page helps you to see how to stop drinking alcohol now with positive appreciation and none of the usual negative associations. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Alcohol is an addiction and quitting addiction has never been an easy job. You have to struggle but the good thing is that there is help available. If you promise to self, you can try coming out of the addiction. You would have strong desire to drink alcohol, but you can stay committed to you. In this way, you can try quitting alcohol without taking unnecessary pain and pressure. It looks difficult but it is the safest way to quit addiction.

    1. Hi I agree that alcohol can be difficult to quit as it’s such a complex thing with a strong connection our social lives and with varying levels of addiction. Help is always a great option and support from those around us can also be helpful.

  2. Wow! Very positive, inspiring, and DO-able. I love the term blazing. I felt invigorated because I very Been doing this, without
    Realizing I’ve been doing it! It’s given me hope and permission to occasionally have a beverage. Overall, I feel more empowered to try these proactive mind sets!

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