How to Manifest Miracles into Your Life

Once you learn how to manifest miracles into your life, your whole perspective will change. You don’t have to wait for random events to land on your doorstep, instead you actively set about creating those events.

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How to Start to Manifest Miracles into Your Life 

Step One:

First of all, identify what it is you want. Be specific and imagine its existence in your life. Imagine how it feels.

Learn to feel the difference between wanting something and knowing it’s on its way to you. There’s a huge difference between ‘wanting’ something with that I wish, needy-kind-of-wanting or the productive-kind-of-wanting which feels more like knowing.

‘If you really want it go and get it.’

Easy to say? What does it mean anyway, go and get it?

You can go and get something even if it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere close to you in your reality, but it’s easier to start with something that’s just a step away from your current situation.

Step Two: 

After identifying what it is you want, the next step is to recognise your feelings. Feelings are the language that will guide you.  Feel the excitement, the joy and the gratitude. Smile as you think about whatever it is you’re manifesting.

Put it in your gut. Put it in your heart. Put it in your head, your mind, your imagination & in your inner chat. Write it in your journal. Whatever it is, feel the reality of it in your life and you will be initialising the magnet that will pull you along the path towards your chosen destination, which is not actually a destination but another step on another path.

When defining your desire, the one question that you shouldn’t ask is the the How question. You can think about everything else except how this thing is going to be achieved. Put in all your energy and step out of the way. 

If you want extra cash in your life, don’t picture just the money. Instead, picture what the money will buy for you. If it’s paid bills, imagine all your bills paid. If it’s new clothes, imagine the clothes in detail.

By all means picture money as well as your dreams but while money will make your dreams possible, money isn’t your dream. Make that difference clear.

‘If you were shut in a room with a million euros the money wouldn’t make you happy. It is what you can do with money that brings joy.’

So try to define what you really want and picture that as well as a healthy flow of cash. Imagine how it feels to have what you want to have. Feel gratitude and feel excited about what is in the process of coming into your life.

Step Three:

Don’t expect results within a certain time frame. Forget about the results and live the manifesting process as a continually evolving present moment.

Keep the knowledge quietly in your heart. Don’t go round telling people that you’re going to get  whatever it is in your life, just wait quietly and know it.

If you keep doing this you will soon find amazing things happening in your life and then you will understand how to manifest miracles into your life.

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