How to Learn Self Hypnosis

This page will show you how to learn self hypnosis and positive thinking to get better results from your life.

You may think you know what self hypnosis is but I’m here to tell you that there’s a different way to approach it than you might expect. And it’s a great tool for everyone. Yes absolutely everyone.

I’m not a trained hypnotist so I’m referring to self hypnosis as I’ve learnt it and as I’ve experienced it.

If you’ve never used self hypnosis I recommend you give it a try. The way I refer to self hypnosis is a self relaxation process where you gain a calm and concentrated state of mind, where you can access information that’s usually hidden from sight by your busy, active mind.

Self Hypnosis is nothing to be worried about; it’s simply a way to relax your mind and access your deeper subconscious mind.

Some people think some things that are not true about self hypnosis:

    • False: You need to be woken up afterwards – not true.
    • False: It might go wrong – not true.
    • False: You may feel out of control – not true.
  • False – unless you want it to be true: It doesn’t work.

The last example especially shows a common misconception: Self hypnosis isn’t something that works on you. It’s something that works from within you.

How to learn self hypnosis

Self hypnosis is chosen by you, for you, about you – and it’s up to you. 

Sometimes when you practise self hypnosis you’ll get into a trance state where you really are in deep, but other times you may not manage it. This doesn’t really matter as long as you continue in deep relaxation and apply the same approach. With time and practise it becomes easier and easier.

Uses of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis can be used for absolutely anything but some of the benefits are:

    • Relaxing after a stressful day
    • Preparing you for certain action
    • Changing your core beliefs on something
    • Overcoming past issues
    • Letting go of old ties
    • Calming you down
    • Achieving more

Self hypnosis can be used specifically to change negative behaviour/beliefs or to reinforce positive behaviour/beliefs, or it can be used generally, to boost your mind and productivity on a daily basis.

It isn’t about ‘changing’ your mind from the outside: it’s about YOU letting your subconscious know your new plan/opinion. To use a classic example, if you want to give up smoking you can practise self hypnosis each evening and in your session you can say, I love being a non-smoker. It’s so exciting. I’m saving up my money. I’m happy. I’m clean. I’m healthy.

Keep your affirmations simple and in the present tense, not in the future tense.

Method: How to Learn Self Hypnosis

Generally, books tell you that to practise self hypnosis you should be sitting in a chair in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. However, I use self hypnosis while lying in bed just before going to sleep – and I usually fall asleep during the session, which is great.

The basic progression:

1) You relax each part of your body.

2) You recite a hypnosis script to yourself.

3) You recite a second script if necessary.

4) You introduce the specific topic if you are working on specifics. If not, just enjoy the relaxing experience and see what it brings.

5) You either allow yourself to fall asleep or you decide to wake up feeling refreshed.

In more detail:

Relax completely and close you eyes. Pay attention to your breathing, in, out, in, out… Begin to talk to yourself silently within, just one voice, telling yourself to relax each part of your body, then counting slowly backwards while telling yourself that with every number you will feel twice as relaxed as the one before.

After counting backwards you will recite a script. I use the lift and/or the stairs, where you imagine yourself in the lift. You picture everything about the lift and you watch the counter as it goes down, floor by floor, and with every floor you become more relaxed. With the staircase it’s the same process but with every step that you take you become more relaxed.

As your mind focuses only on your inner voice you’ll find yourself entering into a lucid state of mind where vivid images will come alive before your closed eyes. You can access past memories or use the process to help you with a specific issue in your life.

For example, if you want to include more physical exercise in your daily life but find yourself skipping days, you could use your self hypnosis sessions to boost your subconscious image of doing exercise. Introduce the imagery that you’re running down a path: feel the earth beneath your feet; feel the energy within you. You feel wonderful. You say to yourself: I feel wonderful as I run. I love running, it brings me alive. Running is the best.

This kind of positive reinforcement of an image of something, repeated regularly while you are completely relaxed can really change your core beliefs and thereby change your actions which in turn changes your results. 

You aren’t trying to achieve a sudden change to anything, you’re just exposing yourself to your chosen set of beliefs.

In other words you are choosing what to believe instead of just being carried on the wind.

Conclusion: How to learn Self Hypnosis

You can learn this form of self hypnosis at home. The secret of success lies in learning to listen to the one voice only and follow instructions within your imagination. 

Self hypnosis isn’t a single event. It’s something you do over and over, every day if you like. It’s just a part of your day, like positive thinking, meditation or exercise. 

This may not be the standard interpretation of how to learn self hypnosis but it works well for me. I use it to unwind and to revisit lost memories from my past. For me, it’s a tool I use just before I go to sleep and I love it.

If you’d like to read a book on self hypnosis there are loads available or try How to master self hypnosis in a weekend by Rick Smith, which is written in a very straightforward easy-to-read style.

Let me know how you get on!

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