How to Get to Sleep

If you’re lying awake wondering how to get to sleep, practise this method of virtual travelling and you’ll soon learn how to get to sleep easily. What’s more, in the process you’ll be having a productive time actively improving your life as well as relaxing. The essence of this method was inspired by self hypnosis and positive thinking.

Can’t Sleep? Stop Trying

There are loads of reasons why we can’t get to sleep but the most common situation is when everything churns over and over through your mind and you can’t switch off.

At that moment it’s easy to sink down into negativity, but don’t let that happen. Instead, use positive thinking to go on a virtual journey, enjoying the moment and finding the silver lining in your insomnia.

In fact, when you’ve practised this a lot, you’ll no longer see any problem with not being able to sleep. Just a great opportunity to enjoy this process and go virtual travelling. This method can be used to systematically teach your mind to fall asleep when you want to. With practise, sleep will come quicker and quicker.

It’s better not to drink caffeine before you go to bed, or any other stimulants that may contribute to keeping you wide awake, but apart from that, it’s business as usual until bedtime.

Can't sleep? Stop trying - avoid coffee

Method: How to Get to Sleep

The underlying success of this is to follow your mind on a journey down in a lift, down some stairs and into a beautiful garden. Every step of the journey is created in your imagination and as you focus on it, you shut out all other, frivolous, angry, worried thoughts from the day.

As your mind continues to imagine the journey into and around the garden, you become more and more relaxed, until you fall asleep . . . every time.

Just get into the mode where you’re deeply involved in imagining the journey, and sleep will come.

Stage One, How to Get to Sleep

Lie flat and straight with your arms relaxed by your side. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out for a few breaths. Listen to your breathing and try to silence the chattering of your mind. If a voice or two pop up just close them down again and return to your breathing.

Count from 5 down to 1 and as you do so, focus on the one voice only, the voice that speaks the numbers to you. Again, if other voices chip in, ignore them.

Give yourself instructions, silently, from within your mind:

‘You’re completely relaxed. Your feet are relaxed . . . your legs are relaxed . . . ’

Go over your whole body, telling yourself that you’re relaxed.

‘Your eyelids feel heavy . . . and with every number I say, you will feel your relaxation double.’

Throughout the whole time, if your busy mind chips in, just ignore it. Focus only on the one voice and don’t worry about anything else (chatting mind, twitching feet, restlessness . . . ) Just keep going.

When you reach number 1 you can choose to repeat the process or you can go on to the next stage.

Stage Two, How to Get to Sleep: Direct Your Imagination

Imagine a lift in front of you. The doors open and you walk inside and look around. What does it look like? It may be huge, modern, bright, old, – whatever your imagination shows you.

Don’t plan or think about it, just tell yourself to look around and see the lift. Allow the image to spring to your mind. Sit on the seat inside the lift and watch the numbers above the door as they move downwards from 10 – 1.  

Count the numbers to yourself and with each new number feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. If you don’t like lifts or have a fear of lifts, you can use just the staircase (see below) instead.

When you reach number one, the door opens and you see a stairway leading down to a most beautiful garden below.

Place your right foot on the first step . . . feel the contact with your bare feet. What is the material beneath your toes? Wood . . . brick . . . mud . . . stone? Visualise and feel everything as being real . . . left, right, down and down.

Tread carefully down the beautiful stairway until you reach the garden.

How to get to sleep - direct your imagination

Stage Three, How to get to sleep. What does Your Garden Look Like?

Take a moment to look around; what can you see? Are there trees? flowers? animals? Walk barefoot across the grass.

A lake of pure shimmering water is before you. 

How to get to sleep - what does your garden look like?

Dive in and swim below the water. You have no problem with breathing in this lake; the water is the same as liquid air. Feel the water around you, refreshing you.

When you’re ready, come out of the water and lay on the grass. Wait to see if someone joins you . . . 

Stage Four, How to Get to Sleep: The Hut

If you haven’t fallen asleep yet, walk through the garden, noticing every plant, every stone.

You see a small hut and go inside. There are some seats and a small stage inside the hut.  Take a seat . . . look at the stage and then just sit and watch, just like in the theatre. Watch what unfolds before your eyes from your imagination . . . 

If you have succeeded in focussing and shutting out your chatting mind, the imagery in the hut will appear fluidly, without any planning or effort on your part. Just watch and relax . . .

Getting Specific:

If you want to go back to a specific time in your life, give instructions to yourself as though you were talking to another person:

Take me back to when you were 7 (or a time when you were in France etc.).

You can also access the various different aspects of your personality while you are in this relaxed state and if you aren’t familiar with the voice dialogue series you may be interested in reading the book by Hal and Sidra Stone, Embracing Our Selves, which presents the idea of the many different selves we are made up of.

Falling Asleep

If you don’t fall asleep in the hut, leave it and return to the grassy bank. Lie on the bank and watch the garden, listen to the sounds, and watch what goes on around you . . .

. . . until you sleep like a baby.

How to get to sleep and sleep like a baby

Remember it gets easier with practice – until you can just close your eyes, relax, imagine the path and the garden . . . and you’re asleep.

The Virtual Travelling Method . . .

    • . . . clears your mind of the daily twittering that takes place.
    • . . . stops your mind from going round and round over a problem.
    • . . . relaxes your mind and your body.
    • . . . helps turn insomnia into a positive experience.
    • . . . sends you to sleep.
    • . . . trains your mind how to get to sleep more proficiently every time.
    • . . . makes you healthier and happier because you’ll get the sleep you need.
    • . . . is another effective way to change your results by using positive thinking.

How to Get to Sleep: Conclusion

The success of this method is simple – while you follow your inner instructions and engage your imagination, your busy mind is stilled.

You only need to be able to tune into the voice that’s giving you the instructions and the imagery around you – walking, looking, listening, feeling, imagining . . . and before you know it you will be completely relaxed and falling asleep.

The garden will become a place you return to time and again. When you have problems that are troubling you, go to the garden to escape the logical mind from over-working your situation.

Obtaining clarity and distance will allow you to sleep and wake up feeling better. Success with your virtual travelling and if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up. Training the mind to fall asleep bring so many positive rewards and puts an end to those long nights of lying awake only to feel constantly tired.

Read more about self hypnosis here.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again. And be Positive!

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