How to Get More Money

How to get more money in your life using positive thinking to create change. If you want different results, you’ll have to make changes first.

So if you could do with more money, be prepared to change your thinking and experience the results. It works.

Ask yourself:How to get more money

Where am I on the richness scale?

What is Richness for YOU?

Richness for me is about quality of life – and my life is extremely fulfilling so I feel rich, and financially I know that everything is getting better and better.

If you’re not in this situation you can still get there. Don’t jump into the black pool of darkness when you ask yourself the question: if you’re not where you want to be that’s OK, that’s what you’re going to change.

If you do feel negative about your financial situation, be sure to recognise the parts of your life that are good and focus on them while creating change with the other areas of your life. Positive thinking is about taking action and being procreative to get the best out of any situation.

You Can Change Your Financial Situation

You will need…

  • Patience: Change happens over time. Don’t rush it. Every moment counts and builds the foundation for that change, but you won’t recognise the change immediately – and you’ll only see that every second counted if you’re looking back, after you’ve seen the change.
  • A deep sense of knowing: Know where you’re headed in your heart, your gut, your mind and your soul. Not in the sense of every little detail but you need to have a really strong sense of what you are heading towards. It may only be one small thing to begin with but know it in your heart. 100%. Even if your brain can’t see a way to make it happen – it doesn’t matter as long as you know it will.
  • Emotions: when you know where you are going you will feel the excitement of the path – the bubbles inside – because you know it to be true. Those emotions tell you that you’re on the right path. That doesn’t mean that you can’t sometimes feel worried or insecure but you should have the strong inner knowledge most of the time.
  • Positivity: Positive thinking means creativity and a constructive attitude which will help you to overcome the hurdles as they come up on your path. When things get tough, look for the good that comes from the bad and recognise it. Positivity will show you the way from old unwanted model to the new desired situation.
  • Take Responsibility: an important part of changing anything in your life and manifesting wealth is to take responsibility. Don’t buy into a victim attitude even when things appear to happen ‘to you’.

My Funny Picture

When I was seven years old our school teacher asked us to draw a painting of our dream house. I drew a hut with a dog and a horse and I wrote on it:

I want to live in a simple little hut with my dog and my horse.

My funny picture - I'd created my reality of no money

I found the picture years later, when I was living in that exact dream with no money – and I had to realise that I’d got exactly what I had set out in my subconscious when I was seven. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that other people all created their situations – but in my case it was so clearly true.

I Had Created My Reality

For years I lived in a simple little house (it was a hut!) with my dogs and horse and very little money. And although I didn’t realise it then, I already had the tools to change my reality. Because my reality was actually what I had chosen.

For years I didn’t actively want money even though I needed it. And I energetically pushed it away from me. 

And well yes, you guessed it, I didn’t suddenly come across loads of money growing on the olive trees – so I ended up working all hours of the day and evening just to try and make ends meet.

I had a block about money. If you have any kind of similar chip, get rid of it. Money isn’t the meaning of the world but it’s the tool we use at this time, in our culture. And it’s what brings you freedom when used wisely.

If you have money you can do good or bad, be happy or sad. It doesn’t make you a better or worse person. It’s what you do and what you think that will define who you are.

How to Get More Money

how to get more money

Before you read on about how to get more money, make it clear in your own mind that your life here in the world is about having many experiences. Gaining more money in your life can open that door for you: maybe you want to do further education, start a charity or help your loved ones. Whatever your motivation, make sure you’re clear in your subconscious that money is your tool, and you deserve it.

Because everything is intricately linked it’s best to go for manifesting life-changes rather than trying to manifest the money. If you’re short of money, your life probably isn’t where you would like it to be in other ways too. So make a list of the areas you want to see change in your life.

List the Changes You’d Like to See in Your Life

You’ll need to be able to accept change if you’re to move into a new zone of your life. If your relationship is beyond repair, the necessary split may seem like a negative experience because it hurts. But without that you can’t move on to your new self and new life. So be accepting of what things come on your path.

Make a list of the changes. It may look something like this:

    • change my job
    • peaceful relationship
  • better income

So you’ve made the first step. But it doesn’t end there. Now you need to go over your list and take it a step further into detail. If you wrote ‘change my job’ then ask yourself what would make you happier in your work life? Perhaps you are working in a shop but your dream is to be in an office environment?

What Would You Love to Do?

What would you love to do?

If you have the answer, write it down. Maybe you want to play golf, or stay in the same job but get a promotion . . .

If you really don’t know what you’d like to do, write down the qualities that would suit you in your work. Go through all the things you do with your time and ask yourself which one makes you buzz inside. Which activity brings you alive?

Focus on that activity – don’t worry that it isn’t an actual ‘job’. Focus on growing more and more time for that activity within your life. As life is one big puzzle, when you change one part of your life for the better there will be a knock-on effect in other areas of your life too.

This sounds simplistic I know, but really, it’s as simple as saying:

If you want to build a house, first you should buy some bricks.

Whether you dig your teeth into some extra time playing Golf, or whether you spend extra time at the gym or even at work, the first change you make in your life should be a quality one.

It’s a step-by-step procedure.

Maybe you can’t see any way at all to get out of your situation. Remember that all things can change. Keep that sacred and don’t let yourself believe that a difficult time is forever (even if it feels like there’s no way out, there is).

step by step

It’s best to aim one step from where you are.

You can always redefine your situation again – and again – but it will be much easier to manifest an income one step above where you are rather than trying to jump ahead from a low income to millions, because you will judge it as unrealistic.

So You’ve Worked on Your Imagery, You’ve Made Your List. Now What?

All these new changes that you want to see manifesting in your life need to exist, not just in your conscious mind, but also in your deep subconscious. So the next stage is to work on making that happen.

Tips on Manifesting Change in Your Life:

  • Know that it’s going to happen.
  • Be sure to step out of the way and let it happen.
  • Don’t put time pressure on things.
  • Be pro-active, don’t sit around expecting things just drop from the sky.

Keep thinking about your new life. Keep on and on imagining what you want to see manifest. (Be careful that you aren’t dreaming as though it were a fairy tale . . . as that won’t help at all. You imagery has to feel real and a good way to test that is to check whether it’s linked to your emotions. Your imagery should make you feel excited.)

Keep on and on feeling gratitude for all the good things in your life, even when it feels like nothing is going right. Feel gratitude for all the good things that are coming towards you and haven’t yet arrived. Know that you have already triggered the events that will show you how to get more money in your life.

Try to feel the emotion of success (whatever step you are working on) as though you already have gained it. Feel it in your gut and feel the emotions respond.

If you really apply this method you will see change. Opportunities appearing from out of the blue. Be careful how you judge the things that happen in your life: it may be that something you think is negative comes along first. Don’t discount it.

Sometimes you have to go through a difficult experience in order to be able to move forward.

Maybe you turn up for work and get called into your boss’ office and sacked. How terrible! you say. 


You Asked for Change – Don’t Then Judge it as Bad When it Comes Along as a Transitionary Step

All the success you dream for really can be yours. Believe it and follow your own unique path to success and you can build it up, brick by brick. step by step; a new reality.

Wishing you a wonderful transition and great success!

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