How to Exercise and Lose Weight

How to Exercise and Lose Weight follows on from How to Lose Weight With Easewhich explains the mental preparation necessary before you can lose weight with ease, and Foods to Eat and Lose Weight.

When you’ve challenged your thinking and your programming around food and dieting, and when you’ve thrown away the concept of going on a diet and instead chosen a sustainable way of eating and living that will complement your health, then you can move on to the next step on incorporating movement into your life.

How Badly do You Want to Lose Weight and Feel Fit and Healthy?

How badly do you want this? Let’s hope that the answer is a 10/10 because actually, for this to be EASY and EFFORTLESS, wanting it badly isn’t enough. Actually knowing that you’re going to reverse time and go back to your slim energetic figure, that you’re going to get rid of your health problems and feel good; that’s what you need to feel here – it’s more than just wanting.

When you know something, it becomes your path. When you know it in your gut, you stop counting days, struggling or fighting against everything. And when you know where you’re heading you don’t mind how long it takes to get there.

Don’t watch the kettle boil or it will take twice as long. The same here. ChangeGlass kettle full of boiling water your diet for the present – for your health and happiness. Eat differently because you’ve woken up to the fact that you can be free of your excess body fat or health problems if you make the right choices.

Change your lifestyle because you’ve changed how you think. Not because you want to lose weight in the future but because you want to eat well and live well in the present.

Prioritise yourself and your health above almost everything else and watch how your habits start to change and then the kilos shift as if by magic, just when you’ve stopped watching.

Balance Between Diet and Exercise

You may not be someone who likes exercise but the trick is to include movement in your life. You don’t have to go to a gym or take up jogging. Just choosing the stairs instead of the lift, walking to the shops, looking for excuses to walk anywhere – every bit helps.

Or choose an activity that you enjoy and incorporate that into your life. Yoga‘s a great choice because it’s so versatile, you can find a yoga style to suit your Young man doing a seated yoga pose in Ashtanga yoga.own character. And if you already know the basics of yoga, I really recommend taking up Ashtanga yoga.

Be active. That’s the key. The more active you are, the more fuel you’ll need and the fitter you’ll feel.

By balancing your diet to fit your exercise level and by removing the (added) sugar from your diet, you’ll find that you no longer crave food, so you’ll feel satisfied and eat just the right amount to feel good and shed the excess weight.

Get Rid of Your Mental Blocks about Exercise

‘Urrghhh exercise!’ I hear you say. ‘That’s just not for me.’ Think again.

We all have preconceived ideas about what exercise means…going to the gym or jogging in the park, weight lifting with the guys or doing aerobics with the girls.

All these preconceived ideas are actually misleading. All your body needs is to Couple of people riding bicycles in the countrysideget back to its natural biological need of moving throughout the day. There are loads and loads of variations on the exercise theme. Whatever you love doing is perfect for you. And if you don’t love doing anything then just re-program your mind to see movement as your best friend.

Every time you have the opportunity to walk instead of taking the car, smile to yourself and recognise that you’re giving your body what it needs, movement, without having to go to the gym or to any form of exercise class.

Smile because you’re incorporating exercise into your daily routine. So you don’t have time? Pinch time in little bits, by doing short challenges, take the stairs two at a time, or jog out to get your bags from the car instead of walking slowly.

Bend down to touch the floor when you first get up in the morning and give yourself a few stretches before you start the day. Do plank pose every morning and hold the pose a little longer each day.

Before you know it you’ll be feeling more energetic and wanting to do more and more.

Other Cool Types of Exercise You Can Do

There are loads of mainstream options like going jogging, going to the gym or going to classes such as aerobics but what about if you don’t want to do organised exercise? Well, don’t despair, because you don’t have to do organised exercise, you just have to find a way to include movement in your daily life and there are lots of ways you can do that.

Don’t Necessarily Buy a Home Gym

You can buy home gym machines like rowing and running machines but oftenA rowing machine in the garden, people buy these and start out with all the enthusiasm in the world only to end up not using them.

Unless you’re used to disciplining yourself to use the machines already, I wouldn’t recommend splashing out on buying them just yet. Instead find organic exercise you can make fit into your schedule and make sure it’s an activity that you like enough for it to become a fixture in your life.

Start Walking

Walking is #1 because it can fit organically into any schedule. Just walk to wherever you can whenever you can. Get a step-tracker or use your iPhone to track how many steps you do a day.

That can make it more fun as you record your daily steps and watch them rise as you get into the habit of walking instead of taking the car.

Go Rollerblading or Rollerskating

Get in touch with your inner fun-child!Girl carrying a bag and rollerskating down the street



Buy some skates and go rollerblading!

Get Dancing!

If you like dancing, play a song in the evening when you get home and dance your heart away. Have fun! You don’t have to do serious exercise, you just need to get movement in your daily life. So why not get dancing!

Take Up Cycling

Cycling’s really great for exercise. Multi-coloured bicycle parked in the garden

It gives you an all over work out and is also good for cardio. Cycling can be included in your daily plan especially if you have somewhere you can cycle to each day. That’s one of the best all round solutions to getting more movement in your lifestyle.


Did you use to like skipping when you were a child? Why not get yourself a skipping rope and take it up again. Skipping’s hard work gives you a great workout in a short space of time. Get your heart beat racing in no time!

These are just a few suggestions to show you that everyone can include movement in their life. If you want to get rid of any excess fat and shed the kilos, this is key to seeing your body change…easily.

Essentials for Your New Lifestyle Plan

  • More movement throughout the day.
  • Choose exercise forms that you enjoy and keep at them.
  • Do as much as you can every day but don’t over stress about it.
  • Don’t worry if one day you can’t do so much. Just keep on doing as much as you can.

Things NOT to say or even THINK!

‘I’m on a diet.’ 

‘I’m trying to lose weight at the moment.’

You’re not ‘on a diet’, you’re eating healthy food. You’re not ‘trying to lose weight’ – you’re reclaiming your health, fitness and youth by getting healthy.

Conclusion for How to Exercise and Lose Weight

So, there you have is, how to exercise and lose weight. If you change your eating habits and move as much as you can throughout the day, you’ll lose weight and you’ll see the kilos drop off you with ease.

Don’t put any time pressure on yourself. Don’t feel despondent when youSet of modern scales and a blue tape measure don’t lose weight one day. Ignore it. Just keep going. And keep going some more. And suddenly, one day you’ll step on the scales and see that you’ve dropped another kilo.

Remember when you don’t manage something, don’t go negative, go positive. Just do better the next day.

You CAN lose weight easily if you’re embracing your new lifestyle on a daily basis and not looking at it as a journey to somewhere but rather as an everlasting moment of present moments.

Click to read about my exact food choices in Success with my Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month.

So, what’s your favourite way to incorporate exercise into your life?

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