How to Become a Vegetarian

If you want to know how to become a vegetarian and enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle but you aren’t sure how to begin, this article’s for you. Using positive thinking is key for any easy smooth transition.

The answer to how to become a vegetarian is to spend plenty of time becoming familiar with the idea in your mind before you make the change. After that it’s just a matter of getting more and more experience putting together more and more delicious meals.

Being a vegetarian is just like everything else: it’s easy once you feel at home with it. It seems radical to people who are far away from the concept, and simple to those who are close. So it’s a matter of becoming close to the reality of being vegetarian – in your mind first – and then start to change your life.

Prepare by imagining yourself as a vegetarian and planning what you will eat – and enjoying the idea. Positive thinking comes into it because your whole approach will effect the success of your choices. Make sure you’re not thinking that you’re giving up something but rather that you’re gaining something. 

You aren’t giving up meat, you’re gaining a vegetarian lifestyle, full of delicious, fresh meals.

How to become a vegetarian and eat good food

Why do People Become Vegetarian?

There are many, many reasons, but contrary to what some people assume, being vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you are against eating meat per se.

Death is a natural part of life, and the food chain – where predators eat their prey – is the balance of nature. But we humans have manipulated the natural world to such a degree that our food practises can’t be considered natural or ethical anymore.

Why do people become vegetarian?

Our ‘use‘ of animals can’t be compared to the cheetah who chases his prey or the tiger that hunts a deer to feed his family. We humans have taken our food source and produced it en-mass in a greedy way, always wanting more and more for less and less.

When you buy some food in the supermarket you actually have no idea what’s in it, even when you read the ingredients. An ingredient list with 20 ingredients is normal. A portion of those ingredients are numbers or names that you don’t actually understand.

Motivation to Become Vegetarian

We have been given the ability to reason and to think and to choose how we behave. Therefore we should accept responsibility for everything that we see in the world, good and bad, whether we support it or not, and we should alter our behaviour to reflect our inner beliefs.

If you are asking yourself how to become a vegetarian you most probably already have motivational reasons which resonate deep within you. Below are some of those reasons why more and more people are changing over to, and enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle.

1) They love the vegetarian diet

Most vegetarians love eating vegetables. Everyone has a natural inclination to different food types and for many of us veggies the most delicious attraction is the colourful world of vegetables. I love my delicious, fresh veg beyond words.

Motivation to become vegetarian, Love the vegetarian diet

2) They are turned off meat

Not wanting to eat the flesh of an animal, much like how some people would feel about the invitation to eat a dog or a cat…. not interested or attracted to it at all and definitely not something to feel envious of as if you were missing out when you decline to partake in it. This natural aversion to eating meat is perfectly natural and makes becoming vegetarian an easy switch.

Motivation to become vegetarian - turned off meat

3) They don’t agree with the cruelty of the meat industry.

The food industry accepts cruelty as being a ‘necessary’ part of the process of making commercially viable meat, and it’s that brutal, suffering that animals go through before and during their death that motivates many people to become vegetarians.

If we as humans were to look at the meat animals with the same eyes that we look at our pets, we would see a system right out of a horror movie, and I’m not exaggerating.

I truly believe that in the future we’ll look back at our food-industry-practices of today as being totally inhuman. 

4) They don’t want to eat all the additives in today’s products.

The food industry doesn’t have a goal to keep you healthy. The additives that are allowed in our food are absolutely mind blowing. All in the name of being economically viable or competitively priced or simply to show a better profit – the foods will be infused with additives that are not edible, not beneficial, not healthy or downright damaging to our health.

How our world ever reached this level, where ingredients can be added to our food in the name of economics is unbelievable. So many people naively believe that when they’re eating food from a packet it must be ok or else it would be banned. Sadly that is False, False, False.

In today’s world, if you buy a burger or any other piece of pre-prepared food, you have no idea what’s in it – and by that I mean chemicals that are not digestible, additives that clog veins, ingredients that can cause disease and that were never added for our benefit but for the benefit of the profits of the industry.

5) They want to improve their health.

Last but not least, becoming a vegetarian can offer so many well known health benefits over a full meat diet that often people switch to correct a specific health issue or under the guidance of their doctor or health nutritionalist.

Motivation to become a vegetarian - improve health

How to Become a Vegetarian and Make Delicious Meals

You may have to change the way you approach  your cooking and your meals, depending on what you’re used to eating at the moment. Cooking vegetarian food is really easy but you have to break away from the model of meat-and-2 veg or the 1 item plus chips model (well except for egg and chips I guess).

When thinking about starting to cook vegetarian think of how to mix and match:

Rice, quinoa, cous cous, pasta, noodles, potato, wraps, tacos…


Curry, chilli beans, chick pea dishes, sauces, vegetables, salads.    

How to become a vegetarian and make delicious meals

More main courses:

Vegetable lasagne; pasta with chilli tomato sauce, pesto, creamy sauce, garlic oil; jacket potato with broccoli; mashed potato with curry sauce; oven potatoes; aubergine layers, stuffed aubergines . . . and the list goes on!

And don’t forget about all the delicious types of . . .

Salads, Soups, Spanish omelette, sandwiches, avocado dips, flavoured hummus . . . 

Be inspired by different countries…

Mexican tacos, nachos, burritos; Chinese stir fry, Indian curry, Bombay potato, aloo gobi, chana masala; Spanish tapas, tortilla, lentejas, gazpacho; Italian pasta, pizza, antipasti; English Sunday roast!

Use spices to give great flavour . . . 

Use spices to give great flavour

There are a million more delicious meals – Just start and enjoy and . . . love it! For more recipes take a look at Love Vegetarian Life.

Check List for Vegetarians


Meat is rich in protein but there are two different thought fields on this. The meat eating world would have you believe that you will be protein deficient whereas the vegan world assures us that the protein available in vegan foods is more easily utilised by the body and therefore you don’t need to worry about deficiency. 

Nuts, beans, pulses and quinoa are all excellent sources of protein for a vegetarian or vegan diet so be sure to include them regularly in your meals. 


By eating a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables your diet will be full of vitamins and probably more so than when you ate a traditional meat diet, because your attitude towards cooking will change to naturally include more vegetables. Vitamin B12, however can be lacking in the vegetarian diet so taking a good B-Complex vitamin daily can ensure that you don’t miss out on your vitamin B’s. Vitamin B12 is especially important but it’s necessary to have the other B’s present in order to utilise the B12 so for that reason it’s best to take a B complex rather than just B12.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is sourced in oily fish and has loads of health benefits including being believed to help improve cognitive power and feed the brain. When you’re vegetarian you can take Omega 3 capsules that are made from Flax seed instead of fish oil.

Source of Extra Vitamins: Fresh Smoothies

Invest in a NutriBullet or a Braun Blender and make yourself a health-packed smoothie every day. You can play around with the flavours until you find  the recipes you like best. Smoothies are a great way to make sure you get specific ingredients in your diet. You may find some vegetables you thought you weren’t not keen on actually taste great in a fresh smoothie. Be adventurous! And remember you can add some of your protein shake to your smoothy to give it that extra boost. Click here for my favourite smoothie recipes.

Source of extra vitamins - fresh smoothies

Make the Choice for Your World

We’re living in a world where we have lots of choices – but a lot of the time we don’t realise that we have a choice. How many people realise that the stuffing of our food with chemicals is our choice? That acceptance of cruelty is to create cruelty?

If you support what you truly believe in, humanity’s collective consciousness learns from your choice. That’s how evolution works. 

Choose to support only what you really believe in your heart and not go along with those things that you don’t believe to be right. You can only do your best. People will argue with you that you can’t change the world. Don’t worry about changing the world. Think about changing YOUR world. If everybody did that, the world would be a happier place.

In the future there will be a world where the animals are treasured – even if they’re for meat – and they will be treated with awe and respect and gratitude.

A world where we appreciate all life forms and food forms as being part of our incredible universe.


If you want to learn how to become a vegetarian it means that you’ve made a step towards it already. Whatever you do, do it with a positive attitude. You’ll be surprised how much easier these kind of changes become when you use positive thinking as your base line.

There’re nothing difficult about becoming vegetarian but be warned that people like you to Not Change so their reaction may well be negative and unsupportive. Don’t worry what other people think. Let others be themselves and you be yourself. And if it feels good eating vegetables and not eating meat, go for it!

If you have any questions about going vegetarian please ask! I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and have now become a gluten free vegan. And I’m here to help.

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