How to Be More Happy

How to be more happy, immediately and forever. Ok, you need to take this seriously. If you want to be more happy it’s not just going to happen to you. It isn’t something that will land from the sky and rain down on you. It’s something you’ll have to work on. It’s something you have to DO.


  • Be conscious about your goal to be more happy. This means thinking about it. Yes, really thinking, planning, observing and adjusting. Don’t rely on luck or outer things happening to you. You’re responsible.
  • Decide to do it now. Don’t put it off. Dedicate yourself to it. Don’t stop.
  • Set yourself a time frame. Six months would be a great example.
  • Remember, this worksso keep going and don’t stop.

Basic Groundwork First

If you don’t have these points in place before you follow the tips, address these first and then go on to the tips.

  • Enough sleep. Lack of sleep is the number one enemy if you want to feel more happy, so watch out that you get enough. Everybody’s different so you need to get the right amount for you. How much sleep do you need each night to feel good?
  • A balanced & healthy diet. You can’t imagine the impact of your gut health on your happiness. Really. If there’s something going on in your gut, your mood will be affected. You should check out your gut health and try to eat a healthy diet as your base starting point.
  • ME time. If you’re working all hours of the day, make some changes so you can have some time for yourself. Prioritise your ME time so you can do something you love every day, even if only for a short while each day.

Make some me time to be more happy

Ten Tips for Being Happy

When  you’ve taken care of the basic groundwork it’s time to choose to follow the tips for being more happy and watch as you spin you on your way to more happiness. 🙂 Include them all if you can, but only if you like the sound of them.

Tip #1: Smile More Often

Smile, and if you don’t want to smile because you’re not happy, just put the smile on your face, move your muscles and make the smile.

Smile and be happyIt doesn’t matter if it isn’t real at first, the physical action of smiling triggers your mind into thinking you’re smiling and makes you feel better, and then you can smile a real one.

Do it often.

Tip #2: Practise Gratitude Daily

Practise gratitude. What do you have that you’re grateful for? Do you have your health? Do you have somewhere to live? Do you have a special friend? Think of everything, but I mean everything that you can be grateful for and practise feeling soooo lucky for those things. Feel it in your chest, the love for the good things in your life. Say thank you. Practise gratitude in the morning and in the evening and whenever you want in between.

 Tip #3: Laugh Regularly

Laugh more often. Can you laugh at comedy movies?Laugh and be happy Or do you have a friend who makes you laugh? If you know what makes you laugh, practise including it into your life.

Laughter’s good for you. Apart from feeling good it makes your body release natural endorphins (your feel-good hormone) and it lowers your cortisol levels.

Tip #4: Exercise

Ok, I can’t tell you how important this one is. Believe me. You have to try it. Do it before you knock it. Exercise makes you happier. Make sure you do something you like doing and can do every day. I doesn’t have to be something heavy. Go for a walk with your dog. Do a short yoga stretch each morning. Play a sport. Go to the gym.

Anything, as long as it fits YOU.

Tip #5: Choose Happiness

Come on, don’t buy into the old stuff that you’ll be happy when you have A, B or C. Choose happinessIt just isn’t true.  You can see evidence all around you.

People who get more things don’t become happier people.

Happiness is a choice. Choose what you allow to affect you. Practise optimism.

Tip #6: Limit or Stop Worrying

Worry never helped anyone. Worry puts your imagination into top gear imagining the negative outcome of something. Instead of worrying, make suggestions on how to improve the situation and then put it to one side. Forget about it. Distract yourself. Choose NOT to feed your worry thoughts.

Tip #7: Nurture Positive Thinking

I really don’t like it when I hear people use the expression positive thinking to mean you have to hide your sad emotions, pretend not to think negative thoughts or tell yourself nonsense just because it’s ‘positive‘. For me that’s NOT positive thinking at all. Positive thinking means taking a situation and seeing what you can do to get the best possible outcome from it.

Positive thinking is about being proactive. If you’re sad you’re sad. But be aware of it. Know that you’re sad for a valid reason. Don’t let yourself get pulled down into sadness over some silly thing that’s got you into worry mode.

That’s the difference between positive thinking and not.

Tip #8: Make Time for Your Hobbies or Take up a New Hobby

Prioritise some time in the day for your hobbyMake time for your hobby to be more happyIf you don’t have a hobby, find something you like to do and start doing it.

Be creative, collect dried flowers; it doesn’t matter what it is you do, as long as you love doing it.

And if you’re creative at heart, make sure you create in your life. Don’t love art and say you don’t have time to paint. Do what you love and it will all add up to happiness.

Tip #9: Meditate

Meditate. Make space in your day for a short meditation. If you don’t want to meditate just sit quietly in your own space for a short time and be at peace. Give yourself ten minutes of the day to be quiet and still.

Tip #10: Do Things That Push Your Boundaries – Exciting Things, Spontaneous Things, New things, Difficult things.

Do something different. Spice up your life with a few surprises. Do things that push your comfort zone; make yourself feel alive.

Prioritise your happiness. Make it happen.

Do you need to learn how to love yourself more? Or to stop caring what people think of you? Whatever the steps, you need, take them and choose happiness. And remember, it’s a choice we all have.

Do you manage to choose happiness? Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Great! I love surprising strangers with compliments too! Happiness is something we all must not allow ourselves to grow out of. Look how easy kids find it.

    1. Those are two really good points Clelia. To give out compliments to stranger or to friends is a great tip for getting more happiness. And connecting with our inner child brings so many benefits. Children are happy just because they are and that’s something we could all learn from. Thanks! 🙂

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