Great Reference Books

Great reference books are so important. Really classic ones are for keeping for life. I will be adding to this list so please feel free to make suggestions in the comments section.

How to Master Self Hypnosis in a Weekend

Great reference books - How to master self hypnosis

 A good book to read as an introduction to self hypnosis. I don’t agree with the claim that you will master self hypnosis, but you’ll definitely have a starting point and the book is very easy reading.

How To Master Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend: The Simple, Systematic and Successful Way to Get Everything You Want


Tara Stiles Slim Calm Sexy Yoga

 Great reference books - Slim calm sexy yoga

Tara Stiles is an absolute inspiration. This book is a must-have for anyone taking up yoga. I thoroughly recommend it.

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga: The 15-Minute Yoga Solution for Feeling and Looking Your Best from Head to Toe


Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Great reference books - Easy way to Stop SmokingIf you’re a smoker looking for a book to help you stop, then this is an absolute winner. A really worthwhile read for anyone who’s a smoker whether you want to give up or not.
Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition

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