Foods to Eat and Lose Weight

Before you read Foods to Eat and Lose Weight you may like to read the first post which this is a sequel to, How to Lose Weight With Ease 

Losing weight without any struggle is all about being in the right place in your mind. You should Happy, smiling girl with eyes closed and head tilted towards the excited by what you’re about to do. You’re going to change your lifestyle and your habits by choice. And you’re going to gain so much.

Never tell yourself that you can’t have something because that’s just not true. You can have anything you want, you just don’t want it anymore because you prefer to eat for your body and feel slim, energetic and healthy again.

The struggle with losing weight isn’t actually the weight loss, it’s the thoughts that you think. The restrictions you feel. So if you change your thinking, you change your feelings, and if you change your feelings you get different results.

‘What you think IS.’

The First Step of Your New Eating Habits

There are two ways of going about this: gradual or reverse. If you choose A bowl of fresh salad with dressing on the sidegradual, you slowly migrate from what you’re eating now towards what you choose to eat for your new lifestyle.

If you choose reverse, you initially start off extremely strong and after an initial period of 3 or 4 weeks you re-introduce some of the foods you’d left behind.

Personally I prefer the reverse approach. That’s for me, but we all have different lifestyles to fit in with!

This post is based on my personal experiences which I’ve accumulated over the years, and my recent success at completely changing my eating habits and losing weight without a moment of stress.

I should mention that I’m not medically trained in nutrition.

Which Foods to Eat and Lose Weight

  • Aim to eat REAL FOODS. By real foods I mean anything that is a food in itself and doesn’t have any other added ingredients.Slices of pumpkin, apple, red pepper, spinach and nuts.
  • Make your own food so you don’t eat processed or commercially prepared food. It doesn’t have to take long to prepare your own delicious food once you get the hang of it.
  • Eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Steam or bake your vegetables rather than frying.
  • Eat raw olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Include protein in your daily diet. If, like me you’re vegetarian, include nuts, chia, tofu, (and optional pulses, beans & eggs).
  • Drink lots of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Foods to Move Away From

  • All pre-fabricated foods. Crisps, pizza, biscuits, shop bought bread, etc.
  • Dairy products.
  • All drinks except water and freshly made homemade smoothies. If you can leave alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alone completely to begin with that’s the best, otherwise moderate your alcohol intake.
  • All grains (pasta, couscous, rice etc.)
  • Optional – beans and legumes initially, to be re-introduced after the initial period.


If you’ve had any gut issues or intolerances it’s a good idea to leave behind Four wheat sheavessome of the major allergenic food groups so your body has a chance to heal and you have the opportunity to feel the difference between eating them and not eating them.

When you re-introduce these foods one-by-one you’ll get a clear indication of whether your body tolerates them, because when you re-introduce a food after a while without it, the body’s reaction will be much stronger.

Some food groups that can cause intolerance:

  • Gluten
  • Grains
  • Dairy (lactose)
  • Eggs (I choose to eat eggs for protein)
  • Soya (I choose to eat tofu for protein)

Another really important part of this is recognising that sugar creates cravings. So while you have high levels of sugar in your diet you will also crave more sugar and feel more hungry and so it goes on.

Remove the sugar and (once you’ve adapted) your cravings will vanish.

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

Don’t feel overwhelmed by reading lists of foods and thinking, OMG how can I Child's painting of a boy with his hands up in the airlive on that? Instead, analyse your current diet and ask yourself what you would like to change to make it healthier.

I thought my previous diet was healthy, and to most people I was already a health freak by being vegetarian and an avid reader of ingredients before putting anything in my body.

But my idea of healthy wasn’t enough for my body and it showed. In my mid-forties I started hitting the problems with gluten intolerance and other gut issues. I developed a pop-belly.  (Oh that’s normal for your age! – No thank you!I was constantly tired & could fall asleep anywhere.

I also developed brain fog and memory problems. The memory still has a way to go before I feel back to my normal self, but I’m well on the way. The secret is to take yourself one step closer to the ideal. Improve your diet. Make it better. Be excited by the change and be proud of your decision.

I have recently completed a month of applying this technique and I’ve dropped centimetres from my waist and kilos from the scales, whereas with previous diets it seemed that nothing would budge that stubborn belly fat.

So if you eat a lot of commercially prepared foods, aim at including more natural first-line foods in your daily menu. Aim at cutting out all artificial sugar.

If you think you already eat a healthy diet, think about what could be your downfalls. Do you gorge on cheese or butter? Is ice-cream your addiction? Maybe your diet is great but you drink sugar all day?

Drinking Sugar

Fizzy Drinks

All the main stream fizzy drinks that have found such a place in our society have absolutely no health benefits at all and are loaded with sugar. Don’t think that by buying sugar-free you’re doing yourself any favours because sweeteners are, generally, worse for you than sugar.


Juice that you make at home is great because you know exactly what’s in it: take the fruit and veg, put them in your blender and enjoy a delicious smoothie.

Fruit juices bought commercially though are another thing all together and should be chosen carefully or avoided. The purest form would be organic 100% freshly squeezed juice. But even that’s full of sugar and even though it’s natural sugar it’s too concentrate. It takes a lot of oranges to create a glass of orange juice – so by all means enjoy an occasional glass as a treat but don’t fool yourself that it will help your weight loss.

Most of the shop varieties are either from reconstituted fruit or even contain other ingredients such as added sugar or sweeteners.


Alcohol brings with it lots of hidden sugar and if you’re serious about changing your lifestyle you should consider cutting back or quitting alcohol for at least a period of time.

Remember that your #1 priority is to be at ease with your new lifestyle so don’t go and quit alcohol if it’s going to kick up loads of resistance in you. 

Instead, take a course of action that’s doable and sustainable. Reduce your alcohol intake or set yourself particular days when you drink and set aside the other days for no alcohol.

Don’t forget that movement’s the other part of the key, so with your new lifestyle you’ll want to include more activity so the next post is all about exercise to lose weight.

The final post in this series is Success with my Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month.

You’ll feel so much better, and so happy to be able to eat as much as you like of these foods and still lose weight  while not worrying about it.

‘Just do it!’

Have you tried eating these foods?


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