Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Use positive thinking to alter your attitude and change your life – and the results will be spectacular. If you’re wondering what positive thinking involves, have a think about what it means to be pessimist vs optimist

If you want to change your lifestyle in any way, maybe you want to lose weight or give up smoking. Or perhaps you want to get more money or be more happy, whatever the change you desire, you need to first change your way of thinking before you can bring about changes in your life.

How to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Identify what you’re looking for; it doesn’t matter what it is. Define and visualise all its glorious detail, whether it be physical or emotional, imagine it with feeling. Attach emotion to your imagination.

How to change your thoughts to change your life

Don’t just think, ‘I want to have more money,’ because that doesn’t change the way you think; that’s just an ‘I lack money‘ thought. You need to be more specific; to know what you really want. You need to ‘grow’ your imagery until you believe the picture it creates.

You should include all the answers to all possible questions. Except one question; don’t try to answer the ‘how‘ question: How is this going to happen? That is the one question that is not for your interest.

You should define the ‘What you want in great detail, but forget the ‘How’.

Trust and believe are two great words once you get the feeling for this. Though it isn’t actually believing because you know it.

Do you believe that your table is a table? Or do you know it? That’s the stage you should get to with your change in thinking.

Know where you’re heading; don’t worry about how you’re going to get there.


know where you're heading - don't worry how you're going to get there


Once you really change your thinking, you’ve made the first step towards creating that change in your life and this is where you’ll really begin to see results.

As the brilliant saying goes:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Steps to Follow:

First, live the change within your mind, and once it’s real there it’s only a matter of time before you start to grow your new life change.

keep with it - cherish it

Keep with it. Cherish it. 

If your desire feels unreal and impossible, it probably is.

It’s most likely too far from your present reality for you to believe in – take a step back and bring your desire back downwards a step. Imagine yourself just one step from where you are, instead of ten steps ahead.

When you really know your direction, your reactions in your current life will actually change without you realising it, because you will be reacting from a different set of life-beliefs.

Be Different and You Will Create Change.

Every single successful person has developed their success for years behind the scenes before their visible success came. But they were already being successful before, because they were doing what they wanted to do, and what they wanted to be successful at, so they gave it their all. You have to feel excited about what you want to do, only then will you give it your best.

Nobody ever wrote block-buster movies without first getting excited about writing.

If you do it, do it with passion. Keep doing it. Keep striving towards your goal, but never forget to put your whole heart into the moment.

It’s only later that you’ll realise that you yourself put down the groundwork for your dream to come true by changing your thinking to change your life.

And remember, no matter what happens, don’t give up your dreams.

Have you made any significant changes in your life by changing the way you think? Do you have any tips or methods that helped you to make the leap? 


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