What is Ashtanga Yoga About?

Man doing yoga on edge of rock in beautiful scenery

If you’re wondering what Ashtanga yoga is about, that’s what I set out to find out, and in the process I discovered such an exciting yoga practice that I just had to share it.

You may know or may not know that I love yoga. Yoga at home, yoga from Youtube, yoga from books and yoga on my own. It’s an essential part of my life that I love. But I’m no expert and I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration.

So I’m on a mission … to find the best, most inspirational you tube videos to do myself at home. Continue reading “What is Ashtanga Yoga About?”

#1 in Best Yoga Clothes for Men

Man wearing OHMME best yoga clothes for men

If you practice yoga, whether you do yoga from home or in a class, whether you’re a youngster starting out or practising yoga in your fifties, you’ll know that great yoga clothes will make a huge difference to your comfort.

I’m so excited to write this post because I think I’ve found a company that’s an inspiration as well as producing quite simply the BEST yoga clothes for men ever (in my opinion).

So…what do you think the best yoga clothes for men are? Continue reading “#1 in Best Yoga Clothes for Men”

Yoga for Men Over 50

Serene view over water

If you haven’t considered yoga for men over 50  as being an effective form of exercise (and yes, it is manly), think again! And if you’re a woman, maybe you’ll be interested to read this post about yoga for women over 50.

Yoga for men over 50 is a perfect way to recoup your youth and turn your middle-aged spread into a middle-aged fitness and vitality. Yoga for men over Upper body of fit man50 is a really brilliant form of exercise because it builds muscle power, strength, stability, control and stamina as well as toning up your whole body, improving your lung capacity and giving your heart a great workout.

Yes, yoga for men over 50 is sexy and it’s also well known to improve your libido and your sex life.  So forget all the old preconceived ideas about yoga being for women, and get started!

Yoga workouts for men over 50, like any yoga workouts, can be slow, fast, heavy going or gentle; whatever you prefer, it makes the perfect workout for everyone. Continue reading “Yoga for Men Over 50”