Journey into Self Transformation

Blood Moon

Welcome to this journey into self transformation.

It’s been over two months since I last posted . . . What’s going on? You mean two, whole, beautiful moon cycles? Well yes . . . but there’s a very good reason why I’ve been silent through these last nine weeks.

Can you think of any better excuse for silence other than transformation? I’ve been through a surprising journey of personal transformation and it’s time now to come out and share some of these gems.

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Manifest Your Own Destiny – Step #4

Picturesque view of lake & mountains

This is the fourth step in how to manifest your own destiny, so if you want success and you haven’t read the previous posts, pop over and read them before you begin here.

First comes an Introduction to manifesting your dreams, followed by The magical first step in manifesting your life third isThe power of forgiveness – manifest your life #2 and then Manifest your life dream #3 – setting your intentions . 

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