Success with My Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

Close up of lettuce leaves from my raw food diet and weight loss month

My raw food diet and weight loss month has been the most amazing experience. It’s made me have more energy, feel better in myself, lose kilos and get rid of my excess belly fat.

This post is number four of the series on weight loss so if you’re interested in shedding a few kilos, you should really read the other three posts first, because success comes from approaching and executing this a positive way.

The first post is on How to Lose Weight with Ease, following on from that comes, Foods to eat and lose weight and the third post, How to Exercise and Lose Weight.

This final post details my exact path during this first month of changing my lifestyle and the amazing results I’ve had. But the key to success depends on the preparation and application, not on eating exactly the same foods. Continue reading “Success with My Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month”

How to Exercise and Lose Weight

How to exercise and lose weight

How to Exercise and Lose Weight follows on from How to Lose Weight With Easewhich explains the mental preparation necessary before you can lose weight with ease, and Foods to Eat and Lose Weight.

When you’ve challenged your thinking and your programming around food and dieting, and when you’ve thrown away the concept of going on a diet and instead chosen a sustainable way of eating and living that will complement your health, then you can move on to the next step on incorporating movement into your life.

How Badly do You Want to Lose Weight and Feel Fit and Healthy?

How badly do you want this? Let’s hope that the answer is a 10/10 because actually, for this to be EASY and EFFORTLESS, wanting it badly isn’t enough. Actually knowing that you’re going to reverse time and go back to your slim energetic figure, that you’re going to get rid of your health problems and feel good; that’s what you need to feel here – it’s more than just wanting.

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Foods to Eat and Lose Weight

Foods to eat and lose weight

Before you read Foods to Eat and Lose Weight you may like to read the first post which this is a sequel to, How to Lose Weight With Ease 

Losing weight without any struggle is all about being in the right place in your mind. You should Happy, smiling girl with eyes closed and head tilted towards the excited by what you’re about to do. You’re going to change your lifestyle and your habits by choice. And you’re going to gain so much.

Never tell yourself that you can’t have something because that’s just not true. You can have anything you want, you just don’t want it anymore because you prefer to eat for your body and feel slim, energetic and healthy again.

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