#1 in Best Yoga Clothes for Men

If you practice yoga, whether you do yoga from home or in a class, whether you’re a youngster starting out or practising yoga in your fifties, you’ll know that great yoga clothes will make a huge difference to your comfort.

I’m so excited to write this post because I think I’ve found a company that’s an inspiration as well as producing quite simply the BEST yoga clothes for men ever (in my opinion).

So…what do you think the best yoga clothes for men are?

OHMME – Our Pick for The Best Yoga Clothes for Men

I’m actually in love with these clothes because they’re so comfortable and…well let’s just say they’re (almost) perfect. I had to add the ‘almost’ because nothing’s perfect they say, but these come close for me.

To be honest I never thought I’d be writing such a glowing report because I’m quite a critical person (even though I’m positive) and I’ll always find the flaws and analyse them. Not to complain, just to analyse.

Analysing gives the opportunity to improve things, so I expected to find these clothes *ok*, but with a few *buts*. To my surprise these are easily the most comfortable yoga clothes I’ve worn.

Hmm…yes I know I’m not a man – but I had to put them to my own personal test too. 🙂

Yoga Clothes for Men on the OHMME Website

OHMME’s website offers yoga clothes for men that are designed by yogis to bring together style & comfort in the most practical yoga clothes for men, but you’ll also find great videos, plenty of interesting reading in the OHMME blog, and an inspiring gallery of photos like the one below. It’s worth taking a look for inspiration, whatever your gender.

Man doing yoga on roof dressed in Ohmme yoga pants

Some of the Reasons We’ve Chosen OHMME as Being the Best Yoga Clothes for Men

  • Design – we absolutely love the look. In real life even more so than in the photos.
  • Cut – obviously a make or break deal for comfort during a practice or workout.
  • Fabric – super light feeling: you have to try it to experience it.
  • Ability to really wick away the sweat and keep you dry. This is probably one of the most important points.
  • Attention to detail – (i.e. no zips, buttons, ruffling, no scratchy labels to cut off….)

Products We Tested: Dharma Yoga Pants for Men and the Cobra Yoga Shirt

I never thought yoga pants could be this comfy and this good at wicking away sweat. My husband and I tested them separately to put them through their paces and I must say we were both really surprised.

Man wearing Dharma yoga pants doing yoga in public street

The only test they haven’t been put through yet is longevity because we haven’t had them long enough. But so far they wash well and wear superb.

5 Important Things You Should Know About OHMME Dharma Yoga Pants for Men

  1. Made from such a light material it blends right into your yoga practise and doesn’t interfere at all. Super comfortable and plenty of space where needed Dharma yoga pants for menso that you can complete any pose to your optimum ability. Actually comfort isn’t enough of a complement…it’s the absence of heaviness, the feeling of no hindrance at all. ‘Like you’ve got nothing on,’ said my husband.
  2.  The waistband is thick enough to be really comfortable throughout your practise without digging in, yet staying in place, so no need to hitch your pants up all the time.
  3. The ankles fit snug so that you can do inverted poses without the pants slipping up your legs. You can also wear them as 3/4 length by hitching them up to the calf if you prefer, though personally I prefer them long.
  4. The material wicks away sweat so perfectly that you stay dry even if you sweat loads.
  5. They’re great for wearing round the house too because they’re so comfy.

And what about the Cobra Yoga Shirt?

This T-shirt is also super comfy and got the thumbs up from my husband who said it was his favourite shirt and incredibly good at wicking away the sweat.Cobra Yoga Shirt

I also love this T-shirt for comfort but apart from for testing purposes it was a bit too manly to wear in my yoga practises, and slightly on the large side for me (perfect fit for my husband – size L).

I did a few practises in the shirt though and was pleased that it didn’t fall down over my head in downward facing dog thanks to the material, even though it was large.

Conclusion from the Male Point of View: Are OHMME the Best Yoga Clothes for Men?

When I asked my husband for a final summing up of his opinion of OHMME yoga clothes for men, this was his reply, after testing out the OHMME yoga clothes for men daily over the space of two weeks:

‘For me, these are great clothes because they’re so light, you have no interference from them and they allow me all the space for movement. They stay put at my ankles and I just find them super comfy.’

And when asked: what’s your favourite thing about the OHMME yoga clothes for men?

‘I always sweat loads and I love sweating, but this is the first time I’ve felt dry while dripping with sweat. That’s just great.’

As for my opinion I think I’ve made that clear in this post…I’m in love with these super comfy, cool yoga clothes for men.

A big thank you to OHMME for providing us with the opportunity to try these out and get to practise in what we now think are the best yoga clothes for men out there.

Check out their website and see for yourself…but you can’t see the comfort – that just doesn’t show up in pics.

What yoga clothes do you like to wear for your yoga practise?

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  1. Thanks for this post, I do practise yoga a bit, but not avidly, however I do love yoga pants and shirts, but struggle to find decent quality gear at a reasonable price. I will check out the OHMME website shortly, I just wondered do you know if they retail in England which is where I am?

    1. Hi Steve, Yes OHMME are actually based in London and their products are stocked in 18 stores around the UK including lots in London. If you go to their site and check out the About Us tag, you’ll see a store locator so you can check out if there’s one near you. I hope you love the clothes as much as I do!
      Best wishes to you,

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