About Soraya

Hello, I’m Soraya and for the past . . . well, lets just say forever, I’ve been more and more drawn by the power of positive thinking, of using the mind, Sorayathe power we have within us.

I’ve personally been enormously affected by positive thinking and some incredible things with great synchronicity have happened in my life.

I am always amazed and interested in learning more about how my mind affects my reality and how I can use that power to create the life that I want (still loads to learn of course).

The reason I created this web page was to meet and share with other like minded people, and also to help inspire others to explore the incredible results that can be achieved with the help of the mind.

What is your dream? What’s your hidden desire? Get yourself closer to that dream so that it becomes your reality . . .

I hope to bring a little bit of light into your day and share ideas with people who love to be positive. With our respective comments and posts we can inspire and and support each other, and in more difficult times perhaps you will find something here that picks you up and gives you the fire to find your path again.

If you enjoy reading and if you feel inspired, please interact and leave a message. I love meeting new people and it would be great to communicate.

And if you’re a foodie who loves vegetables and vegan or vegetarian food & lifestyle, head over to my other blog Love Vegetarian Life.

Finally you can join me at Wealthy Affiliate where you’ll learn how to start your own blog; just click through and I’ll see you there!

Yes, I want to start my own blog

Sending you all the best of health and happiness .

Soraya x

Love Positive Thinking

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