5 Steps to Self Transformation

These 5 steps to self transformation will help you to transform any area of your life, whether it be love, friendship, financial abundance or success you seek. Take a look at the first post in this series journey into self transformation to see how you can maximise your huge potential to transform your life. 

In this post, I want to delve into some of the actual physical things you can do to accelerate your self transformation.

We aren’t talking about one big event that happens just once, though sometimes you have one major metamorphosis and lots of smaller transformations. Self transformation happens over and over again with hundreds or thousands of interlacing influences, all creating a chain link effect.

You may want to change some physical aspect of your life or maybe you want to go for spiritual transformation. The two are linked. These exercises will work well for stimulating any type of self transformation, whether it be physical, general or spiritual. Or a blend of all three.

Don’t forget that there are lots and lots and lots of things we can do to activate self transformation so this isn’t supposed to be an exhaustive list of all of them. This is just a few inspirations to help you on your way!

So, now you’re ready, let’s get started! For the point of this post, I’m going to talk about specific transformation.

5 Steps You Can Take Towards Self Transformation

  • Identify one area of your life where you want to feel transformation.
  • Clear some space in your mind. Communicate with that space.
  • Hold firm and hold strong. Don’t waiver, don’t doubt and don’t ask how.
  • The importance of support – this may not mean what you think it means.
  • Accept inner guidance

#1 – Identify One Area You’d Like to Transform

Think about what you’d like to transform in your life. So, let’s say you’d like to lose weight but you continually sabotage your attempts to change your eating habits. Well, in that situation, your self transformation journey would be related to the reason you are sabotaging your own success.

Time for change written on blackboard

Your self transformation has nothing to do with a diet and isn’t about transforming your weight. Why? Because your weight is absolutely perfect for the moment you’re in. Your weight is a reflection, so if you want to lose weight, forget about losing weight.

Look instead deeper into your thoughts and beliefs. You’ll find that almost any situation is the same. Look beyond the symptom. Ignore the symptom. You’re not trying to change that. You’re looking to transform your inner beliefs which continually give birth to the symptoms.

”A change of perception, creates a change in the reflection, which in turn leads to transformation.”

– Love Positive Thinking

#2 – Clear Some Space in Your Mind

Choose a time of day to set aside for your still time, meditation time or self hypnosis time. If you prefer, do as I do, and choose the time when you’re lying in bed, just before you go to sleep. I usually have a good hour to spend at this time, whereas in the day it could be difficult to find a clear hour.

dawn with tree on horizon

Clear your mind. If you aren’t used to clearing your mind, it’s so important and powerful for your daily life to spend some time each day with a clear mind. No chatter.

It’s useful to learn self hypnosis techniques or meditation, or both.

Close your eyes and count backwards from 5 to 1. Use your overseer to speak and to instruct you that you’re going to be completely relaxed when you hit number 1. And as you count down, relax yourself completely.

If the chatter won’t quieten down, tune in to the the one voice and repeat, until the conversation stops. This is a very simplified description of a process that takes time to learn.

When you get practised, you can achieve a peaceful or hypnotic state almost immediately, but in the beginning you’ll need to dedicate some time to learning the techniques, which will become more and more powerful with practise.

Next, open your eyes in the darkness and just look up into the blackness, which is actually everything other than just black.

You’ll start to see little stars moving around, or swirls of lighter areas in amongst the night. Open your senses to these lights and allow your energy aura to feel the contact with the room around you. 

Feel the smile spread across your face as you tune in with the sparkles in the night air and as you feel the smile grow, your eyes may grow heavy. Send messages of gratitude and of love and ask for a message. You will find that you start getting messages regularly.

The important thing is to dedicate some time each day to your inner voice. When you’ve reached your still place within, sow the seed you want to sow by visualising the end result and feeling the joy of this result inside you.

The topic of going within into your own space while at the same time connecting to your inner guide or source, is a whole topic in itself. (If you’d like to hear more about my way of doing it, let me know in the comments section below.)

#3 – Hold Firm and Hold Strong

While you’re at this stage you’re incubating the transformation and the process is gradually taking place, so you need to hold firm and hold strong. You have to know it within that your reality without has already changed. That it is changing. That you don’t need the evidence because you already know it.

It is an exciting moment. Keep it alive.

#4 – The Importance of Positive Support

Positive support is more important than you can realise. We all need to feel accepted before we can let go of our natural defence mechanism. When you feel supported and accepted for who you really are, then you can grow at an exponential rate.

By positive support, I don’t mean that you need someone to support your ideas or your plans or your growth. You can keep all of that privately growing within you. No, positive support here means something different.

Let me explain with a little story about me. I used to be like an island. Happy to keep my true beliefs hidden, do things my own way and not look for outward support. In a way it’s understandable because when I was growing up I didn’t feel I fit into the same box as the people around me. I thought differently, ate differently, believed differently and . . . felt I was on the outside.

If I had voiced my thoughts as a child, I believed they would have fallen among laughter and ridicule. So I added my own conclusion that I should keep myself to myself. It’s human and animal nature to ridicule new or different ideas. Dogs will often attack an outsider to the pack or a dog with a peculiarity . . .

If one dog in the pack can only meow, he would be wise to keep quiet.

Needless to say, in the past I would never have joined any groups. Not group conversations, group activities, online groups or real life groups. They made me feel shrunken, so I avoided them.

Yet one of the most amazing transformations I’ve been through is to discover the amazing power of positive support. In this particular case, the positive support came in the form of an online community.

Beautiful sunset with person silhouetted on the horizon

Positive support doesn’t mean support for your transformation. Actually it’s the reverse. The positive support can create your transformation without you ever speaking about it with anyone.

”Positive support is unconditional support of who you are now, not of your goals and aspirations.”

– Love Positive Thinking

Something that stands out to me is that when you join a normal online group community there are always quite a few virtual arguments. These arguments serve no greater purpose. They’re quite often belittling, demeaning, disparaging and even sometimes, aggressive.

The person at the receiving end of this gains no benefit from the judgement of a total stranger online. Nonetheless this is often accepted as part of the norm.

Well, for personal transformation I would avoid those type of environments. Instead, join a private group that practises a safe space environment. When you join the group, you agree to withhold judgement and accept everybody, complete with their opinions (even if you think they are mistaken,) and their beliefs.

You agree to accept and support that person complete with their differences. And if you have nothing positive to say, don’t say anything.

As well as that, a safe space means that nothing will be taken out of the group and used in the outside world against anybody. This means that when somebody posts how difficult they’re finding it because of their parenting-child issues for example, another member may put forward some helpful suggestions for changing how to deal with children but they will leave out any judgemental criticisms.

On top of this it’s important to practise a loving attitude within the safe space. As you post openly and are received with a positive loving embrace (figuratively speaking) you find you can open up much much more and you also find that you can quite suddenly send people your help and your love much more.

And the self growth and transformation can be exponential as you unfold and absorb inspiration from the other positive people who also share, give and receive.

Maybe you’re lucky to have people in your inner circle who you can already gain inspiration from. If so, sit down with them and explain what a safe space conversation means. Then, you can always request a safe space conversation, and you’ll have people around you who understand what that means.

”A safe space means shelving your critical, competitive, judgemental voice and promising to offer constructive support and encouragement or constructive criticism. No Judgement In Sight.”

– Interpretation of a Safe Space which I learnt from Lisa Nichols.

The hidden power in this safe-space-speaking is that it allows you to really let the real you out!

”Like a tame lion that gets walked through the park every day on a leash and then suddenly, in the safe space of the jungle, the lion roars and there are no children to run away. And so the lion realises that he is a lion and takes his pride and his heart to a new level.”

Love Positive Thinking

#5 – Accept Inner Guidance

As always, accept inner guidance on your path. Rejoice in your transformation and be excited! Growth is always exciting. And what can be more exciting than getting the transformation you’re looking for?

The next post: how YOU can grow financially independent

In the next post I’m going to talk about a very specific transformation; one that has has totally transformed my life: the transformation involved in seeking financial freedom by learning how to build websites and become a blogger and affiliate marketer.


Join me in the next post and I’ll show you how you can do it. It’s not difficult, it’s just time consuming. And when you love what you do, you don’t mind spending time on it. And as you learn the language of building your own websites, you open up a whole new world of possibilities for creating an income.

And now that’s exciting.

If you have any comments on how to activate self transformation, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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