3 Best Yoga Mats


Here are 3 best yoga mats that I’ve come across. A good yoga mat makes all the difference between a great practice and a not-so-great practice because it gives comfort, grip, cushioning and inspiration for getting the best from your poses or asanas, so it must be a mat you can love.

Don’t forget that all your yoga-time is on your mat so it’s the most important accessory that you’ll be buying.

3 Best Yoga Mats

When you’re choosing your yoga mat, you should remember a few points:

  • dimensions
  • price3 best yoga mats
  • depth/cushioning
  • grip
  • durability
  • washability
  • portability
  • design
  • alignment lines

I’ve put together three of the best mats along with their respective reviews, to help you find out which type of mat is right for you.

Liforme Yoga Mats

3 best yoga matsIf you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of Yoga mats, this may be the one. These yoga mats from Liforme have plenty of faithful yogi admirers, and a price tag to match. My brother swears by them and is a complete fan; I’ve tried it out and here’s what I thought…

Plus Points:

    • Above standard width.
    • Excellent grip.
    • Good cushioning.
    • Loved the central alignment line.

I do like a mat that’s extra wide because it gives you that bit more freedom and your hands don’t have to lie on the floor when lying down on the mat. Another great thing about this mat is the central line so you can line up your feet correctly and making sure you’re in proper alignment.

Minus points:

  • The price.
  • The colour. Grey isn’t vibrant or inspiring. Their travel mat is blue, but it’s thinner and lighter.
  • The material – personally I don’t like the contact feeling of the rubber.
  • The extra alignment marks (everyone is a different shape and size so I don’t like the markings for the specific positions – I only like the central line).


A quality mat with a sound following of yogi masters but the rubber is not for me and the price is more than I would want to spend.

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Peace Love Yoga Mats

3 best yoga mats


I love the design of this yoga mat! I prefer a yoga mat to be beautiful because you spend a lot of time on your mat.  this one is machine washable – great advantage. Peace Love Yoga Mats have a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it. This is a quality mat that comes in cheaper than the Liforme.

Plus points:

  • Love the beautiful design.
  • Machine washable.
  • Good grip for fast workouts or sweating.
  • The design is perfect for helping you judge your alignment.

Minus points:

  • The price is still on the high side.
  • Needs to be lightly sprayed with water at the start of your practise.
  • On the heavy side for travelling.


If you’re looking to spend a bit extra for a quality mat that’s beautiful and comfortable – this one’s a good choice, but keep it for home practise and buy a lighter one for travelling.

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Fitness We Trust

3 best yoga matsI think this one is great if you’re looking for a more economical yoga mat. I have one and I love mine. It’s got extra cushioning because it’smade of extra thick memory foam, and it’s eco friendly. It comeswith a bag for storage or travelling and is fine for anybody just starting out with yoga. Also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I like the colour and I feel good using this mat. If I could change one thing, I’d make it a touch wider.

Plus points:

  • Great price.
  • Good cushioning & grip.
  • Comes with bag.
  • Portable.
  • Available in various colours.

Minus points:

  • Standard width.
  • No pattern for alignment.


This mat offers everything you need for starting out. Ok, so I’d like it to be wider and I would love it to have a pretty pattern on it, but other than that it’s perfect and comes with a perfect price for your wallet. For me it’s a winner.

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There you have it – 3 best yoga mats for your consideration.

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