10 Best Herbal Teas

These 10 best herbal teas are delicious. I first started drinking herbal tea when I became intolerant to coffee and it was like Wow! I never knew you could get such a variety of flavours in a cuppa tea. These are my top 10 favourite teas.

10 Best herbal teas - turmeric gold

Pukka make some really great teas and the brand stands for organic and fair trade products. This turmeric gold tea is one of my absolute favourites among favourites, and as we all know, turmeric is really good for you.

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10 Best herbal teas - licorice & cinnamonAnother of my absolute favourites:  licorice & cinnamon yummmmy – especially when you feel like a more filling drink – then make a cup of hot licorice & cinnamon tea from Pukka!

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10 Best herbal teas - peppermint & licorice
Looking for a slightly lighter, more refreshing drink than the licorice & cinnamon flavour? Then pull out the peppermint & licorice. Delicious and still rich but quite not as much!

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10 Best herbal teas - wild berry

Clipper’s another really great brand of organic, yummy teas, and this one’s my all time fruit favourite. Ok, so this is the one I grab when I fancy something more like a hot Ribena drink than a cuppa tea. Love it! It’s definitely the best of all the fruit teas I’ve ever tried.

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10 Best herbal teas - blackcurrant beauty

Another fruity favourite but not quite as rich & tasty as the Clipper Organic Wild Berry.

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10 Best herbal teas - lemon & gingerTwinings is definitely my favourite brand for the lemon & ginger flavour. You can taste the ginger and the lemon and it has a real twist to it, and as it says, it’s revitalising and fresh.

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A lovely gentle ginger tea perfect for when you feel like a mild & refreshing cuppa.

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10 Best herbal teas - love me truly

Delicious, softly spiced cup of tea that tastes like a spicy green tea and much more tea-like than the other flavours listed here.

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10 Best herbal teas - rise & shine
This tasty and refreshing lemongrass makes it into my top ten for its differentness and yes yet again – refreshing – taste.

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10 Best herbal teas - organic green tea

Where would a top ten list be without a green tea? Delicious green tea, healthy tasty and yummyyyy.

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So there you have it, the 10 best herbal teas. If you know of any great teas that aren’t listed here, I’d love to try them. Please let me know which ones to try in the comments area!

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