What Makes a Person Successful in Life?

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If you wonder what makes a person successful in life, the answer gets clearer as you get older and learn from all the happy and successful people you meet along the way, as well as scrutinising your own life path and choices.

Fast approaching my 50th birthday, I now believe that I’ve identified many of  of the ingredients which define what makes a person successful in life.  If you apply these points, they’ll lead to greater progress and success in your life.

So . . . what if I had known what I know now, back then? Well, I’d have been on a fast track to success, it’s that clear.

This is the advice I would give to my younger self so that I could skip straight onto the path of success and happiness.

Advice for Success

# 1 – Reality Is An Illusion

Our reality is an illusion. Everybody lives a different reality according to their own mind map.

Palm of hand with sparkler held above itThis hugely powerful point will transform your life from one of restrictions to one of infinite possibilities. When you realise this, you’ll make the most of your life and you’ll take responsibility for your choices.

So, instead of thinking that our reality is a fixed thing, switch your mindset and play the game of life – strive to achieve the life of your dreams, and recognise the parallel similarity with a board game.

When you forget to play the game of life consciously, you become swallowed by the illusion of a reality that only exists in your own mind. Continue reading “What Makes a Person Successful in Life?”

The Power in Positive Thinking

Beautiful valley with water reflecting the power in positive thinking

The power in positive thinking is nothing short of miraculous. If you haven’t tapped into this power yet, you’ve got a great surprise coming your way.

The power in positive thinking affects every part of your life, from health to wealth, to happiness and everything in between. We’ve got a long way to go before we understand the true relationship between the power of our mind and the world about us which we call reality, but one thing’s for sure, we have enormous power to effect it and to create our reality.

‘We hold the power within us to change the world.’

We’re all made up of energy. The science of Quantum Physics has proved that the very smallest of particles within us are teeny-weeny-spinning wheels of energy. Meaning that we’re all made up of energy and all interlinked. Likewise we’re all connected to each other and to the world around us. Continue reading “The Power in Positive Thinking”

How to Build Your Own Blog

How to Build Your Own Blog

Have you ever wondered how to build your own blog? Positive thinking plays a fundamental part in taking up blogging. As a blogger you have to keep going forward and telling your story. 

You can’t just stop when you get your doubts, worries and fears or Google will Google Logonever believe in you.

And you absolutely have to please Google if you want people to find your blog.

So a blogger must keep researching and producing new content regardless of the (ongoing) results. And to do that they have to naturally develop their own positive thinking techniques to keep pushing forward.

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